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    Hey everyone, I wanted to share my latest blog about Adaptive Clothing and get some feedback because it's an important niche to a lot of us and lately there as been a few companies that are recognizing that need.

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    Great blog post. I am so glad to see the choices that are becoming available. Those magnetic closures in place of buttons would be a big help, and a major visual improvement over velcro. I've pretty much given up on finding good-looking clothes, and just go for functionality - it would be quite a treat to have both. Lately, I've noticed a big improvement in shoes for people with disabilities - more attractive styles, with easier closures, in larger sizes to accommodate braces. Things are coming along. Thanks for the link to your blog.
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      Nice blog. It's nice to see IZ Adaptive back in business. I like her new merchandise, and I always find that I like their clothes better the more I wear them (i.e. after a few washings). Check out Rollitex ( I've purchased some jeans here that I really like and they are very well made. Getting the european sizing right is a bit tricky, but I think I have it figured out now (for pants - add 10 and a bit). The shipping is costly, but if ordering from the USA you avoid VAT so it's sort of a wash.