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Observation as a quadriplegic...

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  • Observation as a quadriplegic...

    I''ve noticed that the one thing that I do most, aside from breathing and my heart beating, is waiting.

    I was never a patient person before my injury and didn't need to be, but now (except for using my computer, tv, and music) I sit/lie here and wait for things to get done. I ask my caregiver(s) to grab something from the kitchen and I wait for them to put their phone down before they do. I FUCKING DESPISE cellphones.

    When I ask my folks for my pills, I wait upwards of a half hour to get them. etcetera etcetera etcetera.

    If I had a dollar for every minute that I've sit waiting for someone to do something, I'd be rich enough to hire workers that instantly attend to my wishes without wasting a second.

    Anyhow, vent over!

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    Comes with the territory. True meaning of the word patient.


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      Relax, sit back and enjoy this short earthly life.


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        Scott- Nice vent. i only endure this 1/200th as often since I am largely independent but when I do (Hubby, "please lift this keyboard onto the stand for me". I waited 3 days for it to happen) it is the contrast to bring AB that frustrates. Old memories where you did things in an instant. Now you know exactly how little it would take for people to do as you ask, and it seems they have some need to assert their dominance.

        This is of no use to you, but years ago when I was a carer for 2 complete high quads, getting them up and ready in time to take them to University, etc) I much enjoyed responding quickly. I understood what it meant. Pre cell phone days but I would not be different today because my nature is to enjoy making others happy. 9 years ago we employed a 30 something woman with 3 kids to help with our dad and she became like his favorite daughter. She served because that is her nature. It seems such people are rare and most prefer to act out at their employers. They do exist, and i hope for you that you acquire at least one along the road of your future.


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          scott I can not imagine I think ur pretty awesome


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            I feel your pain, the worst one for me was whilst in hospital, hot food delivered to bedside, ask nurse to feed me, "in a minute" only it is not a minute, recording observations way more important so I get a cold meal. My support workers can't believe how hot I have my food now


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              I was going to respond but I gotta take this call first :/