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    The first hurricane (lost my carport and picked up a traffic signal) used a Honda 5000 W portable generator to run a window AC unit, my refrigerator and computer. It was horrible having that noise outside my window running it 24/7 for a week and constantly having to add gas is unacceptable for me. It is a very important piece of equipment that never regret installing it.

    Your 17 and live in the middle of Georgia, at 58 have lived on the east coast of Florida since I was 14. We have frequent power outages that extend for weeks and they are fun when you're young. Beachside bars refrigerators fail and they give the beer away for free.

    Worked hard for my money and bought this house 15 years ago (on a 15 year note) wanting it to provide air-conditioning year round, no matter what. To ensure this, pay $200 a year for 15 years (200 X 15 = 3,000). To me it's a no-brainer.

    It kicks on automatically and runs until power is restored and never have to add gas. My bedroom is on the south end of the house and they generator and air-conditioner unit are on the north side against the garage wall.

    Just out of curiosity, what would you spend $3000 to do what and how long do you expect it to last, 17 years post injury?

    The reason the van is parked perpendicular across the driveway is so the list can be let's down closest to the porch on cement.
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      Another Duh, you wanted to see a picture of his "off the grid" house, not my cookie-cutter subdivision from the 1950s house :-)

      The biggest engineering feat to be accomplished for solar power is an efficient storage device, currently batteries, which are not very efficient.

      When that Engineering feat is accomplished, it will change the world. Exact same thing for turbines. It's all great until the sun is not not shining or the wind is not blowing.


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        All you guys have to do is go to my FB page and look through my pics, been out here almost a year now. Yepper, it's a hallway-two rows of benches/shelves on either side that I drive my chairs down, bed at far end. I have another 40ft container containing all my tools/machinery. I keep all my wheeled vehicles and 'projects' outside, doesn't rain often. Got 20 acres and I don't do fancy. photos page, just scroll down til ya see what ya want... 'yard' approaching the 'yard' entrance to my CASTLE lol
        I work on folk's vehicles and 'broke' items in the compound, you see a volvo in the top pic, also fixed his truck a few times and still to fix an old honda motorcycle he dropped off here
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