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  • scrubs

    I bought 3 pair love the material but I did not realize pocket on side of leg your leg will be on it would ur lrfts be enough to relieve pressure

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    I'm sure it depends on where the pocket is, how big the seams are, how good your cushion is, how healthy your skin is, how much muscle you've got left aon the area where the pocket is, etc.

    For me I am currently wearing a pair of scrub pants with full pockets on the butt... probably not the wisest idea, but I check to make sure they're flattened out and my ischiums are sitting on a seam every once in a while.


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      jay2 cushion used same type since sci skin is healthy I do quick relief every 20 minutes pocket on side of thigh front pack no back pockets
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        Personally I wouldn’t worry about that, but with my chair/cushion/dump there is very little pressure on my thighs. I could probably shove a half pound of loose change in that pocket sit on it and not have a problem. Slide your hand under there and see how much pressure your thighs are putting on the cushion to give yourself an idea of what your leg is experiencing.


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          What make of scrubs are those? Do they have an elastic waist and zipper fly?

          Here's what I wear