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Remembering President George H.W. Bush

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  • Remembering President George H.W. Bush

    I didn?t always agree with all his politics but admire his service to country and commitment to family.

    Bush?s passing of the Americans With Disabilities Act /ADA remains the most significant civil rights act for individuals with disabilities.

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    The days of his presidency were kinder and more gently times. Thoughts of sympathy for his family.


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      same here I thought he was a good man and his wife a lady at least their public face


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        I got a letter from Bush after my injury in 1989. Barbara and I were sad to hear of your recent accident...

        A lady in my church worked in the WH answering letters. She asked that the President write me.

        I like Bush a lot. I actually almost ran into Charles Krauthammer in Jan 1992 when I was leaving the Smithsonian and he was heading in for a gala for Barbara Bush. I liked these old school Republicans.


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          A moderate Republican who signed in our last landmark civil rights legislation. He made a lot of lives better. How times have changed. (I think it was the year the Michael Jordan Bulls won their first title.)
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            He did so much right. But the one thing as CIC he had to own was the temporary sign in the lobby of Walter Reed for Desert Storm Syndrome. One week it would be up and 3 weeks later it was gone and that lasted for several years. That after forcing everyone to get the anthrax vaccine that had only been tested on rabbits if you had even a faint chance of going over there, he stood up for it. I think before he left office he had talks with the DOD and the VA and probably more than suggested that treating those harmed in anyway be cared for even if the strange symptoms and cancers would not normally fall under care for those without 20 years in. That really was a first. Not hiding everything behind Secret folders. When exposed to the more potent anthrax Sadam was rumored to have this vaccine left more rabbits alive than the old one. He even pulled a moth balled SR-71 out because as former CIA Director he knew they could be redirected faster than any satelite. He gave our military everything they needed to get in there, win and leave. And while I was at Landstuhl with its minimalist staff but a brand new Siemans MRI the few nurses scrubbed what they insisted was cherry kool-aid off the wall in my room. Doctors rearranged everything so all patients would be on the first floor and made sure that our medical care may not have been given by an expert in the field but that it was the best possible care. My day nurse was a psych specialist but he had the how to change a foley down perfect for the one change before most of us in the hospital were taken to Rhein Main to fly home. Yes, our Congress had put the major evacuation hospital for Europe and the Middle East on the BRAC List. I flew to Andrew's AFB in late July of 92 to start rehab at a civilian place. As the close of the fiscal year approached a small note was inserted in The Washington Post. Landstuhl and a small Air Base in Texas were removed from the BRAC for reasons of national security.
            I sincerely hope that Dana Carvey finds a great comedic script and plays GHW Bush one more time.
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