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    So I've moved from acute psych into a long term psych ward(which is great because of my BPD) BUT they won't let me use my banana board so they sent me home to pick up hoist(which I was only using to get on my handcycle and the horse riding simulator) but the taxi wont let me use me use my part funding as my local card hasn't been issued yet so I'm $20 in debt to the taxi driver. But worse luck the nurses haven't been trained in how to use my hoist(molift smart 150) but because I value my independence I use the controls and they just move it around for me. I'm going to be requesting a portable ceiling track hoist so that I can do it myself without needing the nurses help as this is a behaviour modification ward which is where I need to be because of the borderline personality disorder.
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    No way they would allow a ceiling track lift or a free-standing overhead lift in a psych unit. Too easy to have an attachment point for suicide by hanging. Although we had ceiling track lifts for every bed in our hospital, the psych unit was not included, and had mobile lifts instead, which were locked up when not in actual use by the staff. Patients would never be allowed to use them unassisted. Sorry you have to be hospitalized; hope you are able to be an outpatient soon.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      Sadly it will be years before I get out. Its been an ongoing conversation about where I will do my locked down dialectical behaviour therapy treatment and because everything(services and education wise) is here. So far they are all freaking out because haven't done the double amputee training yet and I just try and have the patients of a saint about it. the hardest thing is they are not used to my insurance so I spend a lot of time going over my B&B program and how that relates to PT but my answer is get over it.


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        You are quite lucky. Here in the US no one would EVER get long term inpatient treatment for BPD unless they were willing to pay $1,000 a day for it. Insurance might cover 1 week or so for an acute hospital stay, but then the only resources we have are outpatient. I hope you take advantage of what sounds like a very thorough program.


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          The states have better DBT(as it developed in the states) services. I plan to take full advantage as its how I'm building "a life worth living"


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            Get admitted to the long term ward next week.