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Footware for power wheelchair user that doesn't slip off

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  • Footware for power wheelchair user that doesn't slip off

    Anybody have any suggestions for shoes/slippers/moccasins for a Permobile M5 Corpus wheelchair user? Specifically shoes that stay on the feet but at the same time don't cause any pressure problems. I've been a C4 ? C5 quadriplegic for almost 35 years now and I do have a little atrophy in my toes. I just came from an Invacare TDX5 and I can't seem to keep shoes/slippers/moccasins on my feet in this Permobile M5 Corpus. For example, my heel keeps popping out and my foot slides back in the shoe in the Permobile. Unlike with the TDX5 the Permobile?s leg rests are attached together although each foot pedal can be adjusted individually, and they have already been adjusted several times. It seems almost impossible to get my feet to sit perfectly flat on the foot pedals. They didn't fit perfectly on the TDX5 either but it was better and the shoes didn't come off.

    At this point I will take anything that even remotely looks like shoes. This includes ?sock shoes? that I think athletes wear sometimes. In the meantime I'm just wearing my socks most of the time unless I have to go somewhere. In the case of the latter I've been putting on my moccasins or slippers and just having them shoved back on occasionally.

    So any suggestions for anything more permanent would be greatly appreciated.

    C4-C5 Quad since 9/15/85

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    Not a power chair user, but my feet keep falling off.
    So I got that adhesive backed stuff (from 3M?) that's like 50 grit sandpaper and covered my foot plate.
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      shoes with tread I wear grasshopper they have tread but and a zipper but I am in a manual wilh a solid footplate c6c7 but when I have the clonis or kick out they do their thing


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        I personally use something called flex shoes, . These are made for diabetics and are mostly for people with edema problems. They are just a soft fabric with velcro fasteners. They are more like slippers than shoes really. They don't normally slip off, except sometimes in transferring if they hit the footplate. They are very light and easy to put on. They only last about four months before the velcro starts to fail. In my opinion, they look a bit strange in dressy or business settings. I use them because of edema, because they are easy to put on, and because they are so soft I don't think they would create pressure sores.
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          Use an ABS foot rest. Raise and angle the foot rest backward for good contact. Wear a shoe with a soft rubber sole. Unless you get a spasms so strong that your knee straightens, this should do the trick.


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            Thanks for the suggestions everybody. All are good suggestions and I might use a combination of them. The flex shoes and some of that industrial Velcro might be a good combination for me. I also might have to experiment more with different foot pedal adjustments.

            I never thought that finding the right pair of shoes would become such a pain but as I've gotten older and older I have to be so much more selective with what I put on my feet!
            C4-C5 Quad since 9/15/85