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Somehow fell into a parallel universe and don't want to leave

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    Somehow fell into a parallel universe and don't want to leave

    No matter how you want to slice it, my life is incredibly stressful and stress is a multiplier of every other ailment. Stress contributes to my urinary tract infections, amplifies my pain, increases my spasticity and monitoring living on the edge of falling out of my wheelchair after losing my balance.

    Remembered Stu Miller who left the medical community and even though he was not practicing rehab medicine, he knows me the best.

    Dr. Miller called me back and gave me the name of another doctor and told me to call her and tell her he said I needed a tuneup.

    Called what hopefully was the correct facility and left a message on a voicemail that just said "extension number 62".

    A doctor called me this morning and while on the phone put me on a three way call and set me up me up with an another doctor, called the rehab facility to set up an admission andtold whomever, that she would be the attending physician for whatever was needed and then told me if they didn't call me in two days call her back.

    Proof it was all done in one phone call by the doctors herself, something that would've taken me three or four days to start and weeks to finish.

    One of the most efficient pleasurable interactions with the medical community in my life.

    Right now I have a much better attitude. Blood pressure is still screaming and I'm scared of that and of what's to come. Before finishing this post a nurse from the rehab hospital called and wanted to come by and do an admission.

    Now 24 hours after leaving a message, have been admitted to a rehab facility with one phone call and not getting out of bed. What an incredible experience in this day and age of medicine and insurance martial arts.

    So it is my intention to stay in this world that has this type of medical care, just dealing with the administrative overhead of the other world stresses me out causing me pain and nausea. So I'm not leaving :-)

    Wow, that is fantastic. I am so glad that you knew the right person to call to get the ball rolling, and everyone else followed up like clockwork. That's medicine as it should be practiced. You're definitely in the best of all universes for the issues you're dealing with!
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