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Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live.

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  • Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live.

    Web link:
    Article: Greg Wilson

    Fox News star Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to live in heartbreaking letter

    By Greg Wilson

    See web link for full article.
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    Sad. For some reason I had thought he had already passed..

    (Also, you should edit this down, since reproducing full articles here is against the copy-write rules, which are represented in a sticky post at the top of each sub-forum. Dr. Young can get into trouble, as the site owner.)
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      Yes, I just read this on the internet and was coming here to write a post about the announcement. He is a C5 quadriplegic. He is 68 years old. In some ways, his work reminded me of William F. Buckley in his wit and his love for and use of language. I hope in his remaining days he will be comfortable and surrounded by dear ones and good wishes.

      It has been a sad morning, what with this announcement and the news that Anthony Bourdain of CNN's Parts Unknown committed suicide while in France. He was 61 years old and left behind an 11 year old daughter.



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        Yes, Charles is a class act like Buckley was. Whether you agreed with his opinions or did not, you had to respect him. I have missed his writing.
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          Sorry to hear the news from Charles Krauthammer. I didn't agree with him politically, but respect him for his life.

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            About two and a half years after my injury in January 1992, I literally almost ran into Krauthammer barreling down a ramp coming out of the Smithsonian on an early Sunday evening. He was in a tux and heading up the ramp and had to stop and back up and let me by. It turns out he was heading to a gala for Barbara Bush.

            Prior to this run in, I watched all the local DC political shows and recognized him from there. When watching those shows, I noticed the way he took a breathe after talking and figured out he was a quad because that's how I breathed. They didn't show his chair back then on TV.

            Krauthammer's a straight shooter, even though he's is on Fox. Krauthammer's a good quad and I learned a lot from watching him in the spotlight. Very sad news to hear of his failing health ...


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              Charles Krauthammer has died.


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                Originally posted by nrf View Post
                Charles Krauthammer has died.
                I am very sorry to hear this.
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