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A man, a quad, a DME, age 84, passes away

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  • A man, a quad, a DME, age 84, passes away

    Someone I knew while working and admired greatly has passed away. He was employed as manager at a local medical equipment company for many years and could always be counted on to provide help, insight, and services to disabled persons I had referred to him.
    I used to hear funny stories about him from a couple of my co-workers who were 'beer buddies' with him - hitting some of their favorite places on the weekends. One story I still chuckle about was a night they went out and at closing time, went out to hang around their parked vehicles to continue the night. This man had a van and at one point slipped between the cars to empty his leg bag, which I imagine was loaded by then.
    After a bit of time, and getting ready to leave, one of the two non-disabled friends noticed wetness on the pavement near the front of the van. He was convinced there was a fluid leak and he propped up the hood, exploring a cause, but didn't find anything. Exploring further, he wiped his finger into the pool of wetness and brought it to his nose - at that, the guilty party broke into laughter and revealed the nature of the liquid.

    One time he called me at home to ask me to look at a lightly used van that was up for sale. Sounded good to me as our van was pretty old by then.
    He pulled into our driveway with a van fully painted with vibrant colors and huge letters declaring "Miss Wheelchair America". My thoughts said "Good Grief!!", as I was not in favor of such pageants and a bit embarrassed to see this sitting in my driveway awaiting a paint job, if I purchased it. It was a really nice van, but in my stupidity I politely declined, even though I knew he was looking out for me and my husband, both fellow wheelers.

    I just wanted to share this as my tribute to a decent fellow who travelled a path similar to many of us, and doing it with pride and a twinkle in his eye.