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Human rights for the disabled?

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    Human rights for the disabled?

    Now, I am not one to preach about accessibility, what have you I am a supporter of a treatment not care. But while I am stuck in this wretched existence there are lines to cross even for me. And I can?t imagine it for the people who actually want to pursue a ?Engaging, active life with A condition this severe or worse?. Of course there are in numerable rights that we just don?t get it, a lot of disabled people make a fuss I have always refused to? They are self-explanatory: The biggest one being how inaccessible everything is especially when you are in a 350 pound electric wheelchair not counting your own weight.

    My goal has always been to receive my settlement, and then find the resolve to end my life and leave the money to the researchers I believe they have the most likely chance of providing some sort of relief to this condition. A life of dependency is just not for everyone, that?s reality. But my insurance company about a year ago made a management change, I got a new adjuster ( earlier on, when I was a new injury, case managers, occupational therapist, etc. all of them said that I got the golden ticket with my adjuster? I never knew what they meant and I didn?t care, now I know what they were talking about ).

    I could go on for days about the myriad of different ways they have completely mistreated me. My lawyer who is one of the top injury lawyers in the country has never been the arbitration, but is on the verge of considering it after they set up a settlement talk with him for April 30 and then just didn?t arrive? Said they were unprepared, I?ve been under their purview for over five years! I?m Canadian, you?re entitled to separate pockets of money to cover certain things like medical rehab/living expenses, caregiving, loss of wages and housekeeping: $100 a week to help out you and your family for what you cannot longer do. They owe about four grand, they just won?t pay it? they deny it, even though they provide a report of how much they paid and if you do the math of $100 a week it is incontrovertible! When she first took her position I went and paid for my own drugs and then scan the receipts to send her to get reimbursed, she then explained so I need to provide multiple signatures and paperwork for drugs I need to receive on a regular basis. So my mother who is my primary, had to take me personally to the pharmacist; who was mortified by their actions, and we remedied It. I then sent a very lengthy complaint to the adjuster, my lawyers issued a LAT, and now I am not contact the adjuster I have someone from the law firm act as my arbiter. Now they directly deposit reimbursement for every drug, except for the big ones like Botox-despite the fact that they get a direct bill from the pharmacist, every single fucking time I get a Botox injection into my bladder we have to scan the receipt, forward it to me and then forward it to the lawyer Who sends it off to the adjuster and then takes their sweet ass time. My landlord is in financial troubles, so I have to move, we cannot get a definitive answer on how they?re going to reimburse me for the repairs I need to do to the bathroom that I adapted and how they?re going to reimburse me or if I should say for the first and last payment which will require me to pretty much evacuate my savings. For the past year I have already received my installment for caregiving 2 to 5 days before the first of the month that it is due, tomorrow is May 1 have not received? This is why I think they have a vendetta, especially now recently with the lawyer getting more aggressive because of their malfeasance.

    So I contact the human rights commission of Ontario, and guess what insurance companies are exempt! That?s right for some convoluted reason they are not considered a service! How many disabled people, completely dependent rely on them for their livelihood and they are exempt from The human rights Tribunal. I literally laughed when they told me this, of course the government has their back? I guess you have to be trans sexual or Muslim to be under the care of the human rights commission.

    I?ve decided to update my realm of study, and I wanted to jump into the mathematics. Problem is even with adaptive technology, it takes me literally an hour or two to answer one question so one equation that should take minutes, and it?s not for a lack of understanding, it?s because certain mathematical lingo is not available equation editor on Word is beyond arduous? And that is what the online schools want. EquatIQ is on a computer, I can barely operate a computer affectively its operation alone is extremely tedious and infuriating. So I decided to ask the Ministry of education, inquire, they essentially brushed me off and said hey contact the local school board? I am far too sick and miserable to go to college, i?m just doing high school courses that I should?ve done in the past for something to do, and now seeing how difficult these are I realize I would be an idiot to go into college: I?m not doing liberal arts, history, English, sociology etc. engineering or empty waste.

    So here I sit in the land of the tolerant, with king Trudeau at the helm? Government organizations were completely useless. Funny, when the human rights commission was listing out every kind of thing that can be discriminated against disability was literally last. Right up front was black, gay, gender fluid, negative, sexual orientation, religious a.k.a. Muslim, I shit you not well it was going through the list I thought it wasn?t going to say disabilities.

    p.s to those who read this verbose dribble, my apologies on the spelling and grammatical issues frankly I do not care enough to fix them, voice dictation be damned. And for whatever reason Certain punctuation marks come out as?’s

    I am in a pretty poor mood as of late, my current thinking is most people wish we would all go away so they don’t have to be disturbed by us anymore. I feel invisible, I think because that is what society wants us to be. I honestly think they see us as mistakes not worthy of humanhood. I think with things like racism all people want is other people to stop being assholes. With us it is not so simple, for so many of us to be part of society means a lot of money has to be spent. Even if that was done, it will never end the look of horror and recoil in other people. It’s not simply “hey, stop being an asshole”.
    chair user since 2009 from a neurological disorder


      Good to hear from you, James. Haven't seen you on here in a while.

      Surely there has to be programs to help convert speech to mathematical equations. Maybe someone on here will chime in and let you know. I could google some stuff, but that's not likely to be very helpful for you.

      It kind of makes sense to me that insurance companies aren't covered under human rights issues. I mean if they were actively locking people up and torturing them surely that would be covered, but I guess denying you the funds to escape your house and improve your torture aren't the same as actually inflicting it. Doesn't make them human beings, just means they don't fall under that certain category of "human rights".

      And don't worry about spelling and grammar, we all know why people's paragraph structure formatting is jacked around here.


        Can you go to the media? What an embarrassment in a year of provincial election.
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