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How do businesses get away with blocking disabled parking?

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    How do businesses get away with blocking disabled parking?

    So I live in the Southeast US and I enjoy a beer or two, particularly a beer swilled as it was meant to at a local brewery with the future beers I will enjoy fermenting in the stainless steel tanks just behind the bar.

    However I have noted that on Fridays and Saturdays particularly, but basically whenever there is an event going on or a lot of people at the brewery the disabled parking spaces right in front of the building get converted to the "patio" type area with giant Jenga or food trucks or cornhole boards occupying the disabled parking spaces.

    Now that I have a 9-5ish job (previously used to work retail/odd jobs at odd hours of the day/week) this bugs me even more because the only time I have off is the busy hours when there isn't any parking at the places I want to go anyway, much more so when they use the 2 or 3 disabled parking spaces to set up farmers market booths or hot dog stands.

    How can they get away with this? I mean I guess I could call the cops to give a food truck a ticket if they were parked in a handicapped spot, but if it's just a cornhole game there doesn't seem to be much I could do, and even if I did, by parking there i would identify myself as the douche who made people stop the cornhole game just so he could have a bigger parking space up front.

    Anyway, just musing... and wishing for disabled spaces with room to open the door way in the back of the parking lot where no one wants to park in any case.

    This happens a lot in front of retail stores when they have outdoor merchandise they want to keep close to the front door. Handicapped parking spaces get converted to pumpkin patches and Christmas tree lots. In spring and summer hardware stores use handicapped parking spaces for outdoor furniture and barbecue displays. It is illegal.

    Instead of trying to handle this on a one off basis when you happen to be at the brewery, write a letter to the owner of the property and/or the management of the establishment. Cite you city's ordinance for handicapped parking and point out that converting these spaces to game spots, additional seating, and food service is contrary to the ordinances. If you don't get a response and the activity persists, send a similar letter to your police chief, mayor, and/or city handicapped compliance officer. Ask them to enforce the city ordinances at this location. If that doesn't work, your local television stations might like to hear your story.