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  • Jeans replacement?

    My husband is as yet undiagnosed, but has symptoms similar to MS, the most disabling is the chronic fatigue. He's been in a chair for about 5 years now, needs a power chair. He can walk about 5 steps, so can stand to put on clothing etc.

    A few years ago he got chronic jock itch, but switching to wool boxers rather than cotton tighty whities has helped that a lot, though he has to spray for it every day. Apparently his butt is very sensitive and gets irritated easily. The wool boxers are probably not going anywhere. But I have noticed that when he positions himself in his chair, he has to spend a long time adjusting his jeans so that they are not gong to irritate him.

    I spoke with him about it recently and he said he liked wearing jeans because they look normal. Ideally, we'd like to find a wool pant (wool is his favorite fabric, and he won't wear anything synthetic) or a jeans fabric (cotton) that will be more comfortable for him to sit on. He likes to look fairly professional-- usually dark rinse jeans and a shirt with a collar paired with a sweater or three (he gets cold easily). But his ethos is very hippie (for example, no synthetic materials).

    I pointed out that he usually has a wool blanket on his lap, even in summer, as he gets cold very easily. So his pants aren't really all that visible, but I know he feels better when he is well dressed in styles he is comfortable with. I looked up wool pants from his favorite wool company (ibex) but even on sale they are over $100. We are both on SSI, and have more of a goodwill budget, but could ask for something nice for the holidays.

    Ideas, suggestions? Thanks!

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    in what way are the jeans irritating him. Even a nice $80 merino wool t-shirt is infinitely more itchy than a cotton t-shirt in my experience. What part of the pants is irritating him? The fit? The material? bunching? too tight or loose? too warm or cold?


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      His favorite fabric is wool. He never gets itchy with it, it doesn't get permastink like plastics can, and it is a wicking fabric that keeps moisture accumulation down.

      It's basically the crotch part of his pants that is bothering him. Lots of bunching, lots of readjusting to get bunching lessened. I don't know if the material is a problem or not, but cotton is not as wicking and breathable as wool is. I think the jeans material is also more stiff, he might like something thinner and softer. Around the house he wears cotton PJ pants and they are lots more comfy, though they don't look professional enough for him to leave the house in. Too cold is also a problem, but he almost always carries a wool blanket even in the summer to keep his lower extremeties warm.


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        Take a look at these threads on this forum for information on thermal base layers:


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          We are removing the back pockets of his jeans to eliminate those seams. He found some wool lounge pants that hopefully will suit his style, unfortunately the company is going out of business.


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            Have you looked for wool slacks at these places?






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              Just a few comments: A lot of male and female pants are "hip huggers" with shorter inseam than "classic fit" type pants. Sometimes it's hard to tell unless you take a tape measure when shopping - those pants can be pretty uncomfortable.
              Also, many chair users have stopped wearing underwear, but wearing clean pants daily.
              Would something like Johnson's Baby Powder (not the corn starch one) help - it makes things slippery and I even use it for toilet and shower chair transfers - so maybe it would help sprinkling on the area that gets "bunched".


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                Thanks SCI-Nurse for all the links! I will check them out.

                Triumph, I talked with him about no underwear, and that's a no go for him. I'll mention the baby powder, but he already uses a jock itch powder daily.

                I think part of the problem is that he is very short and skinny and often ends up shopping in the kids section. He wears about a kids 10. I don't think those pants are sized for people with full sized genetalia. At least that is what it seems like to me.

                The wool lounge pants from Ibex arrived today. When he is sitting in his chair, no one will be able to tell they are drawstring comfy pants. So now he has two pair of comfortable yet professional enough looking pants.

                Someone else suggested Duluth because they have ballroom jeans. I think if he wants more jeans, those are the ones we'd have to try next. Thanks all!


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                  Just adding I have "summer weight", classic fit, drawstring jeans from LLBean, very soft fabric. I'm small but I get XL only because they're easy to get on.