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    I have two pair of Rolli pants to give away, only worn a few times. One pair black jean material and one pair blue jeans. Only one pair still has a size tag or what I assume is a size, and it just says 50. If it helps my brother is 5'9", about 175 lbs and hasn't really gained any weight in the last 17 years. He just doesn't really need the Rolli's and they have been sitting on a closet shelf for 16 years! Please speak up if you could use these and I will send to you. They look like brand new.

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    I did manage to retrieve a private message but couldn't get a reply back , I'm not very computer savy. So could you please send it to for address and I will send the pants. Thanks. Debra
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      Pants are no longer available, unless they don't fit! Thank You Lilsister!


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        no problem. and thanks for the editing tip, I think it worked! They are boxed and will take them to the PO on Monday, now back to the game!