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  • legal question

    i live in fl son live in oh court cast i am plantiff my son flew in to tally,fl rented car picked me drove to ga for court it was continued as ran out of time judge left noon for another county

    as i am a quad i can not really travel by mself the dam beds were chest high my lawyer say he can not add my son cost to what we are asking to be awarded they are in default now judge has to decide how much

    was wondering if there were stipulation in the disabilty world

    thanks in advance

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    Personally, I would ask and probably hire a new lawyer. If you as it seems have already won your case, and an award, then you are not able to receive your award payment, that amounts to contempt of court often all the costs for this plus interest, and the fine is paid to you, However, I don't know if such a thing is carved in stone. If you are still trying the case initially and you need to have you son for your physical assistance, that would be one of the reasons for a new or different legal opinion. At least that is what I would do.


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      we won by default their lawyer if i was them he would be sued for malpractice but,,,,,, i have 11000 in legal fees and it rurual area scott is a good attorney but let face it not many case wher we are involved in i have a para legal friend looking for case histories in geogia

      the judge has not awarded yet he wanted to but their attorney does have right to queston cost we had over 200 pictures plus the msl listing before they moved it even the judge said no question this is way beyond normal where and tear