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Self Defense options adapted for quadriplegic use

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    Self Defense options adapted for quadriplegic use

    I am a father, a husband and have the function of c5/c6 sci. I am curious to see if there is anyone out there who is in my situation of needing to protect their family if put in the situation of having to. Any input of any kind would be greatly appreciated. I don't condone violence but I do believe I will do whatever it takes to protect my family from danger. I am curious to know if there is self defense weaponry designed/adapted for quadriplegics.
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    You probably need to define what you mean by "violence".

    I can't think of any "self defense" that isn't violent. Even pepper spray could be considered violence. I'd certainly consider calling the police likely to result in violence.


      I believe in turning the other cheek for myself but in regards to protecting my family I would be willing to use a non lethal force or lethal force if I had to.


        I've never seen any 'weaponry' designed for quads to use in a self-defense scenario, and I'm pretty keen on this topic.

        Without decent upper body function it'd be hard to retain control over any object, and it could then be used against you. That's also a challenge for us paras, just not as much. Hell, plenty of AB folks have their own defensive tools taken and turned against them, even cops.

        I'd say 'Situational Awareness' is probably your greatest asset to keep yourself, and your family, safe. A big noisy dog also does a good job of discouraging home invasions; we have 2.

        Nothing wrong with your wife training with a tool that could be used to defend you both, either. She has a stake in this too. It's not entirely up to you, despite our pop-culture myths of 'manhood'. My wife regularly trains practical/'self-defense' shooting. If push came to shove, and I was incapable, she'd have my back. We're a team.
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          I've made sure my wife is comfortable and knows where and how to use all of my guns in a home defense situation, mostly for if I am not there. I second that yours should look into a local gun range and get comfortable with the idea if she already isn't. A lot of them do "Ladies' Nights" where they introduce guns in an all-female environment with female instructors. With kids I'd suggest getting her comfortable with a shotgun. They can be relatively cheap and you won't have to worry about shot doing through the wall. There are also a ton of options these days for wireless cameras, motion detectors, lights, etc. to automate home security.