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26 weeks until Head Transplant by Italian Surgeon

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    Just watched Dr. Canavero's TED talk and looked over a couple of press releases. I think where he claims that he differentiates himself from many spinal scientists is that the status quo involves lab experiments in which the cord is traumatized, resulting in the inflammation flood gates opening, crippling (NPI) the spinal cord's ability to regenerate itself; he is promoting a "precision incision" of the cord; this lessens secondary inflammation, and in combination with P.E.G. and electrical spinal stimulation, he claims he will be successful in joining the donor's spinal column with the patient's.

    As for the patient volunteer, he is currently suffering from a pretty serious degenerative tissue disease; if Dr. Canavero is successful in all endeavors excluding the joining of the spinal column, I think the patient still stands to benefit even though the patient will probably be rendered a tetraplegic. Again, that is if there are no complications involving re-attaching the esophagus, pertinent vasculars, musculature, and that there is no immune complication and a host of other risks I'm certainly leaving out.

    In any case, I'll be tuning in for sure; I was a *huge* fan of the second X-files movie.
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      Would the head reject the body or the body reject the head? Seems it would be easier to just fuse the spinal chord in the body you already have. Regenerate the bones and organs to a point they'd be able to support an abled body.
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        Originally posted by Jim View Post
        Is he crazy, or could it possibly work one day?

        Wise was told he was crazy for abandoning a promising career as a neurosurgeon to pursue spinal cord injury research. Forty years later, he has a therapy that make completes, incomplete.
        Well, what's the result?
        Anyone got a line?
        Is he lip-smacking, eye-blinking, eating Milkbone?
        Who's next?
        BTW, Jim, Wise is not making completes to incomplete.
        At very most he hopes to create Asia A's get some level of increased sensation. There's been no breakthroughs yet.


          Originally posted by Sparky831 View Post
          I hope it's successful!
          I hope he gets the face facing front!


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              Made in China?