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As dependent quadriplegics do we still have the same human rights?

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    As dependent quadriplegics do we still have the same human rights?

    So as a quadriplegic with injuries that make you dependent on other people for numerous things draining like bags, getting in and out of bed, getting meals, etc. And we are with a caregiver who is also a parent , If things start getting ugly do we have the right to kick them off our property?

    Or because we are dependent, legally are we not allowed to be alone? Patients bill of rights states that a patient has the right to refuse care, so the answer should be no. But maybe someone with more practical knowledge, or first-hand experience can confirm or clarify… Thanks.

    I don't know about the law in Canada, but in the USA, you don't loose your rights just because you have a physical disability, unless you are legally conservatorized (requires a hearing before a judge), and this can only be done for mental incompetence.

    If you own the house, you have the right to evict anyone living there, although you may have to jump through some legal hoops to get a legal eviction if the people (whether family or otherwise) are refusing to leave when asked.

    You can also refuse all care, including such things as turning, bathing, meds, etc. and also refuse food and water. Such decisions may result in family requesting a competency hearing or government agencies like Adult Protective Services getting involved, but a number of such cases in the USA have found in the favor of the person with the disability or illness if the person is deemed competent.

    You have asked this question before on our forums. You may need to get your own attorney in order to carry out these types of actions.

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