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  • First Daylily

    In late winter/early spring NL divided an over grown clump of daylilies and potted about 10 - 1 gallon starters. Her reward the first blossom of the bunch. This daylily (Hemerocallis) is known as 'Merlot.'
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    Very nice. I have been considering planting some in my yard. My dad had a lot at my parents' house.

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      Day lilies seem to grow everywhere, even here in the high heat. There are many colors these days and that keeps them interesting. Great photo.
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        I've got them planted in several locations, different varieties. Some are too aggressive, almost weed like. Of the ones I have the more aggressive, the prettier.
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          Gorgeous, gjnl! This brightens my day. Daylilies are among my favorite flowers.
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