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    anyone want a story?

    my adventures are usually interesting. I won't disappoint.

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    Jody, I have missed you. So glad to see your post.
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      yes! I have missed you too. Please catch us up.


        well, its another crazy thing.

        After I figured out how to get well, I began to get well little by little. Enough so that I could stand up, and get around enough to water plants. so I got some houseplants.
        some Venus fly traps, some pitcher plants.....And one day I notice that every little trap on both my flytraps, was closed, and had a little black fly in it.

        I wondered if someone had thrown fish guts somewhere, they were little carion flies.

        a couple days later there were a lot of police in front of the next building, looking pretty shaken. I was on my steps watering my outside plants.
        An officer came over and looked at the mailboxes.

        I said excuse me sir, Is my neighbor ok? My heart sank. "unfortunately not" is it a lady or a man? "man". Thank you.

        "when did you see him last" ....Maybe two weeks three ago. (I remember wondering about him a few days before, when I noticed his car was dusty)
        The police stayed for a few hours before the man was taken away. The handyman around her is a friend of mine. The landlord expected him to clean up that apartment with bleach and fabreeze. I told the friend, not to, and that this was covered by insurance, and they needed professionals. it was bio hazard.
        Then a few hours later, we had a tornado, that put down about thirty tree's, and damaged roofs. I was walking my giant doggy, and when I walked by the landlord who was waiting for the insurance guy, I mentioned, that the bio hazard apartment was covered. The next day a professional team was there. you should know that the guy is such a tight wad, that he didn't even replace the 25 year old carpet, even though it was strongly suggested by the clean up guys.

        I had heard the landlord make a comment about the lady next to the dead guy. She was in poor health, and a big lady. he said he was evicting her so he didn't have to do that again.

        well she got her eviction notice the next day.
        This lady lost a kidney, has had four stints put in to save the one she has left, and her knee blew out. she got pretty behind on her rent.
        well, she had no one. no where to go. I could tell she was thinking of killing herself, so I took her and her old cat in, and me and a couple people about killed ourselves trying to help her get out.

        well, he got really mad at me for helping her, and arranging to have her place cleaned, getting her stuff in storage, and buying her washer and dryer, which was donated to charity, to pay for her storage. It was an amazing task.

        The landlord has raised our rent $350 to pay for her rent, or we have to be out in 30 days. He forced us to sign a new lease we can't afford.

        He ruined our memorial day gathering, and im left with a boatload of food no one ate. cost me a hunert bucks, and he brought a snoopy witness who went looking around around my apartment like she payed the rent. a real cunty pinched up look in her nasty face. Holy mole, I wanted spit.
        Anyway, I feel what he is doing is extortion, and that I can have a guest, and he can't tell me who to be friends with.
        He says she is evicted from the property, but her eviction notice says she evicted from apartment so and so, which isn't even her apartment.

        we had no idea he had so much animosity towards us. He told the handyman that he wants us out so he can rent the apartment for more.

        He says he will get his money one way or another. I said, Mr landlord, this is my friend, she is sick and homeless, and she is staying in my guest room only long enough to find her a place to go. he said we were free loaders, a we needed to be disabled out of someone else's pocket?
        I said we have always paid our rent. you mean because im have disability?

        anyway, so that is my story. we are being extorted to pay a neighbors debt, in retaliation, for helping her.
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          He did not apply any of her deposit to her rent owed, because he says he has to replace the carpet for a small coolaid stain on the carpet. Remember, how he didn't even replace a carpet where a guy lay dead and undiscovered for several weeks. He just took her deposit to be mean. He wouldn't allow a guy to go in and haul the trash, because he wanted it done at a certain time. guy could only come an hour later than that. he threatened that if the stuff wasn't out by Im a dick a.m, it was all his. I took my truck and the entire back and cab is crammed with that stuff. I left only cleaning things, and the trash can which I couldn't do a thing about, but had attempted to hire someone to move, but that the landlord wouldn't allow in.

          She has rented here 22 years, so she is surprised at his behavior.
          ....... he hand delivered his eviction\extortion letter that said it was certified. it says its the second letter too. We have not received any certified letters, or any other letters from the landlord at all. I think he is not telling the truth about sending certified letters to us. And that he is committing a retaliatory eviction/giant rent hike, because we helped a neighbor that he is mad at, and has chosen that opportunity to try force us to pay that neighbors debt.
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            A couple of suggestions:

            Tell the s.o.b. to back off or you will invite the media in for a story, and be serious about it.

            Post your story on line, maybe Facebook, and get the public after his ass.
            You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

            See my personal webpage @


              iv missed you too. you're a fave cc'er


                i don't think he can tell us who we can have in the apartment we pay for, who we can be friends with, and we are certainly not liable for her debt, and he put this all in a letter, so I have proof it's in retaliation. we thought he would be glad she was out, and her place was empty. the lady really can't take care of her basic needs, and she has nowhere to go until she has an income. she is trying to find another friend to stay with, and they have all suddenly become invisible, and lost their phones.

                what can I do? there is no saving the relationship with this landlord. He has dementia, and everyone knows it. he has a bug up his butt about the freeloaders he thinks he supports with his tax dollars or whatever. we need time to find a place that accepts pets. I think she is in need of a care person, and that her health cannot get better without it.