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They want to lock me in (paraplegic)

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  • They want to lock me in (paraplegic)

    Not sure if this is the right section for this topic. Ive had an accident 3 years ago with my motorcycle which left me paralysed t9 complete.
    When i woke up from coma , i found out that my friend didnt survive.
    He was a cool guy I had met from other friends , not really close but that day the bad luck had us both on that motorcycle.

    We were both equipped with helmets and gloves , sober without a single drop of alcohol in our blood , hit a stone block on the highway and suffered the consequences. short video of my accident on the news

    A little background : I live in Albania, Europe.
    The road I had my accident had little to no signals at all , you can see in the video.
    After my accidents I got 0 money back for my medical spendings (which got to about 200.000 euro) , followed a bunch of trials and only yesterday got their decision that I should go to jail for being the determinant factor of this accident which result to his death.
    The construction company got free.

    I repeat that the company has broken more then 6 laws and im totally innocent legally. But with a little research everyone can understand what situation is here in Albania for the moment.
    Money buys even the president.

    My question is this.
    Is there any organisation or foundation that could offer me some kind of protection ?
    Im gone right now in Italy , waiting here until i find a solution.

    Ps: In that prison i can never go.
    Here is a video of the prison standards for paraplegic.

    Any help is welcome- Thanks in advance

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    Maybe contact Amnesty International?
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      Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
      Maybe contact Amnesty International?
      That's a good place to start.
      They may be able to refer you to an amnesty attorney for case review and advice.
      Via Magenta, 5, 00185 Roma, Italy
      Phone: +39 06 4490

      There's also this:
      but I have no idea if any of them are legit.
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