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  • out mixin it up

    OMG, I had the dream again the other night. I was out kickin it, at the club. Spuds came over, gave me the evil eye, started chattin up my girl. I fingered him good. I could see he was ready to pop me... Just as my hand reached into my pocket and put on the knuckles, he POPPED me...lucky for me, i had my anti-tips. The hand came out of the pocket, and "crunch" could be heard....the recoil, and knuckles broke his jaw.

    yeah< I was hurtin, needed a beer to make it feel better. But my girl was ready, and couldn't wait. Spotted the bartender a 100 "sorry for the mess." Popped a couple of cialis, cause me and 32D Dolly were off to the local motel hotel for a no-strings ALL NIGHT LONG