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    You are an inspiration...
    What is your job in Nasa exactly?

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine


      I watched the movie "Hidden figures" just last night. Terrific movie. Congratulations on doing the 30 year stretch. Wishing you many more.
      I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.


        Electrical Designer

        Originally posted by comad View Post
        You are an inspiration...
        What is your job in Nasa exactly?
        I am an electrical designer using AutoCAD 2018 software.

        My major duties are the development of the unique design concepts often having little or no precedent. These concepts involve electrical and electronic facilities equipment, components, apparatus, power system packaging in the space shuttle and electrical systems to control power, safety and equipment functions to meet aerospace research requirements. Prepares layouts showing power distribution and controls for high vacuum and combustion test rigs, rocket engines, large space station solar collectors, etc. and other test hardware to study space power generation systems.

        Receive general design requirements by means of verbal or rough sketches from engineer and develops design sketches and preliminary layouts and circuit diagrams to portray a feasible approach to the construction and assembly of the assigned facility, machine, equipment, or instruments for experimental aerospace research projects.

        Refines conceptual designs into functional layouts showing printed circuit boards and associated electronic components, control room equipment arrangements, electrical power distribution and control schematics, instrumentation and safety shutdown schematics, electrical wiring diagrams and charts, and description of commercial items. Detailed layouts also show specialized electrical components of fabrication, including auxiliary views and sections, critical dimensions and fabrication procedures.

        Inspiration? No. I get up each morning and have my two cups of coffee then off to the shower. Dress, pulmonary exercises, make breakfast and pack lunch and then off I go! When that spark of excitement stops as I enter the research center is the day I put my retirement papers in. It will be 25 years this September. Until then NASA is a great place to work. When you have passion for what you do it's not considered work. Vocation? Career? Always something new and exciting.

        To have the chance to do work on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Russian Space Station, Mars projects, help develop new materials to survive the environment of Venus, rocket engines, zero gravity projects for the drop tower. Life is never a dull moment. Here's a news clip that was just aired several weeks ago about a project I am still working on Glenn's Extreme Environment Rig, GEER. 3126999#.WLA2O33qYDw

        This all started one day in 1988 when I got up one morning and said to myself, "This is no way to live being on welfare, food stamps, government food, hand outs, and a $625 monthly check from the government." I decided right there and then I wanted to run after an accessible career in computer-aided-design and drafting, CADD. The ball just took off rolling ... then doors of opportunity opened.


        John and Annie Glenn at the renaming of Lewis Research Center to John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field.
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        "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."


          Great story, great attitude Ti!
          Wishing you many years of health and happiness.