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Liposuction & SCI?

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    Liposuction & SCI?

    Hi all,

    I hope this is an appropriate section to submit this question in.

    I've recently gained a lot of weight due to life issues, depression, and more. And it is having a really negative impact on me mentally and on my body-image.

    Furthermore, even a while ago, when I lost 60 pounds, I still retained my "Chesty" area. It's not gynocomastia, but its pseudo-gynocomastia. My doctor said it's not hormones its just fat. And my chest has always been a problem issue for me all my life.

    So I've decided I will do liposuction on my chest, and if the price is decent, also get my stomach done as well.

    My main concerns is the ANESTHESIA. I have had LOCAL ANESTHESIA before while getting BOTOX for my bladder and suffered severe AD (Autonomic Dysreflexia) and furthermore, I am afraid to go under GENERAL ANESTHESIA because my doctor always warned me -- she said since I am paralyzed, and due to the nature and place of my injury, going under ANESTHESIA could result in me never waking up! so I've al;ways been super scared of it.

    Any opinions? does anyone have first hand experiencce or anecdotal experience regarding SCI and LIPOSUCTION? does anyone have any research or articles to read? I havent been able to find any online.

    >> My other question is.... I have a big belly from weight gain, but also always did because of quad belly. Will liposuction help Quad belly? or is it pointless?

    I'd love any opinions, advice, anecdotes, or whatever! I'm very scared to pursue this, but I've decided that I HAVE TO because I am just sick of my body-image and no longer want to look or feel this way.

    I've got parallel and when I spasm or stim I can discern what's fat and what's not. I've managed to put a nice fat layer on after being 13% body fat just prior to my injury. I'm sure lipo would help a little but most of my belly is just organ migration.
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      What is your level of quadriplegia?

      Instead of traditional liposuction, have you looked into non invasive fat reduction like CoolSculpting, Zerona, Truscuplt. These methods don't require general anesthesia and have much less down time for healing. The results may not be as dramatic as traditional liposuction.

      I would suppose you are always going to have a quad bell because you can't achieve muscle tone, but with fat reduction you would have a smaller quad belly. Have you considered wearing a abdominal binder or a sacro-lumbar support. In addition to looking better in your clothing, these garments can help with breathing, posture, blood pressure, and trunk stability.

      I question your doctor's opinion that if you have general anesthesia, you may never wake up. That said, I would never have a procedure that required general anesthesia without the benefit of a certified anesthesiologist in attendance, monitoring vital signs and managing the administration of drugs.

      As you investigate the possibilities, get several opinions from several doctors about what outcomes to expect. Keep your expectations realistic. Being a quad, it just isn't in the deck for you to look like Mr. Atlas. Maybe working on acceptance and being the best you can be would be a better option.

      Congratulations on losing 60 lbs. That is quite an achievement.


        Liposuction removes fat, but not the loose skin that remains after the supporting fat has been removed - the only way to get rid of excess skin is through plastic surgery. So you're looking at a potentially complicated set of procedures. I think gjnl has presented some excellent alternatives that you might want to consider., and very wise advice overall.
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          Oh, wow. I didn't consider that. So after Lipo I could possibly need tightening? could I tighten it with exercise? or only surgery.

          I don't want this thread to turn into whether liposuction could help quad-belly. I didn't mean for that. My main concern is my chest area, my male-boobs, my moobs, if you will. Doing liposuction there, I will require to do either local or general anesthesia. Has anyone done such a procedure? or has anyone done anesthesia before and not had issues?

          I am willing to deal with my belly overtime and exercise

          but my moobs have to go!!!

          as for my injury, its c6 complete.


            Originally posted by diaspora View Post
            Oh, wow. I didn't consider that. So after Lipo I could possibly need tightening? could I tighten it with exercise? or only surgery.
            I am willing to deal with my belly overtime and exercise.
            If there's a lot of it, the skin will need tightening after lipo - it won't do it on its own, you'll need to have the excess surgically removed (unless you're okay with wearing a binder). Just be sure to ask any prospective surgeons you meet with how much of an issue the loose skin will be.
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              Liposuction has been the cause of severe AD in people with SCI who are at risk for AD. I would not want to have this done in an office procedure, but instead under anesthesia with a competent anesthesiologist present who can also control AD with medication. I don't know where your physician got this idea that due to SCI you would not wake up from anesthesia!! I have worked for over 40 years with people with SCI who had all varieties of surgical procedures with general anesthesia, and never seen anyone "not wake up". Yes, you can have more respiratory complications than an AB person, but that should be planned into the anesthesiologist's plan of care.

              Liposuction, as above, will not remove redundant skin folds from loss of weight or fat removal. That would indeed require a fairly extensive plastic surgery procedure and should be done by a board certified plastic surgeon (not just a "cosmetic" surgeon).

              The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                Thank you, KLD for the info.

                does anyone else have any experience or info?

                I learned recently I'd have to wear a compression garment. How does that work? wearing the garment while sitting in a chair most of the day?