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    Pc49 I have same sharks in my tank. Mine doesn't look nearly as nice as yours though !!! Nice tank. I hunt,fish, ride my bike, and go to the beach and swim, also go toschool and the gym


      Originally posted by ancientgimp View Post
      During summer I grow as many mammoth sunflowers as I can, usually in large pots.
      Heh, I've been attempting monster sunflowers for the last few years also. Last year I actually got a Kong Hybrid sunflower to fully mature, that was pretty cool. Normally I have rabbits massacring them or they get weird non-growth. This year I have 9 Kongs still alive. I'm keeping the chicken wire/tomato cage I have on 7 of them a lot longer this time around (rabbits). Hopefully they don't get weak stems from being supported by the cage too much. 2 others are not in ideal locations sun-wise, but hopefully they will do ok. The rabbit kill count is only 3 plants this year, so I'm actually doing well so far, lol. Grass and bushes do well with me for landscaping projects, sunflowers not so much.

      Originally posted by pfcs49 View Post
      I also love lushly planted freshwater aquariums of which I have two I tend.
      And I too enjoy a senseless visit to the political forum to see what pathetic (deplorable?) flavor of crap Andy and NRF are serving on any boring day.
      Cool tank! You should relish those flavorful morsels of wisdom being served up in the Politics forum. Think of it as a visit to a 5 star, $250 an entree restaurant