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    Round 4

    Never was able to come to a settlement in our mediation and was contemplating my options and then went to a regularly scheduled doctors appointment.

    The discrimination against people with disabilities continues to be a systemic problem throughout Health First Medical Group (HFMG) facilities. Because of my ongoing disputes with HFMG group concerning issues with disabilities, I now have received retaliation for my actions.

    During our years long attempt to find common ground for accessible exam rooms you requested I identify specific doctors that I needed to see who would then needed to accommodate me. One of these doctors was my urologist.

    When I went to see him for my annual appointment he informed me that ?My demands are too much for one person and I cause too much disruption to his office.? for one person and it is too much for him to "accommodate such a small subset of the population".

    He first suggested that I go to Florida Hospital or Orlando to see a neurogenic urologist because he was not able to treat a neurogenic bladder, I told him that was unreasonable. As the appointment concluded he informed me that he would monitor my kidneys and bladder but not treat my urinary tract infections and I needed to see a Infectious Disease physician.

    This decision in itself is not discriminatory and can be seen as practical in light of my frequent urinary tract infections, however the attitude is totally unacceptable. If Health First management does not integrate the Americans with disability act legislation and philosophy into the services they provide their consumers this discrimination will continue.

    Not only does it affect quality of care, but the amount of time and resources required for people with disabilities to access the care to start.

    It is always been my point that all doctors offices need to accommodate everybody and anybody at any time as the ADA requires, specifically accessible exam rooms. Your inability to meet this requirement has put patients with disabilities on adversarial role with their physicians leading to poor care which is just another form of discrimination.

    Health first still does not understand what it means to comply with Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Because compliance and integration with the law that is not being prioritize by top management, it is now a policy among your organization.

    We are not a subset of the population, We are the population. Until the ADA is integrated into all aspects of Health First hospitals, physicians and laboratories this discrimination will continue.

    What is this? I feel very confused and like you might have meant to post this under an ongoing thread that had a little more explanation about what in the world I just read.


      I apologize to those who were not familiar with the ongoing battle for accessible exam rooms. It was started in this thread in 2015 and this is the latest communication in this battle battle.



        This also need to be incorporated in to the letter before review, rewrites and mailing.

        Leaving after waiting one hour on my previous appointment, to avoid a long wait (even though this is against the corporations own policies) he required me to make an appointment for 815 . He doesn’t start seeing patients until 830, this left me waiting in the lobby for 15 minutes and then in the exam room for another 15 minutes.

        Reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities is different than running a medical practice where your doctors are always late or behind schedule. Believe this is retaliation for when Mr. XXX may and anonymously phone call to the doctor to remind them to notify their patients that when they are 15 minutes behind they are supposed to notify the patients of this. So I should have been notified when I checked in at the lobby, not after an hour waiting.

        However, the real problem is after bringing a urine specimen with me because I believed I had a UTI, he refused to accept it, just compounding the infection and made my life more difficult by logistically having to take another sample for another doctor.

        Is there any way the doctor could've added more difficulty to my already complicated life or was just this pure retaliation for rocking his boat?


          This will also be incorporated in this letter or future correspondence about this issue or other accessibility issues:

          You know the demographic changes as well as I do. People are living longer, or people's functional abilities are being extended with new technologies and medical advances exponentially in the last 50 years.

          Purpose of the ADA is to integrate you into society not make a special section for you. We don't ride the back of the bus, the front of the bus we ride anywhere on the bus we want.

          You’re not accommodating me today your accommodating decades of society until medical care is no longer needed by anyone.