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If time is money, how much does it cost you to deal

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  • If time is money, how much does it cost you to deal

    Many years ago I read a study which said people with significant disabilities, a.k.a. spinal cord injuries have to spend extra time interacting with or educating people in the insurance industry, with service providers, medical practitioners, insurance companies, anything having to do with healthcare.

    I'm looking for a factor or a multiplier compared to AB being a 1. It's been a long time but I think this factor was 3 so it takes people with spinal cord injuries 3X times as long. You add this to the frequency of this having to be done. What is the real number?

    KLD, you may know or know of a way to find out that information?

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    I don't think you can put a blanket number on anything. If you went to the doctor because you have a broken finger it's going to take them exactly zero extra minutes because they could care less about your SCI. Of course maybe it will take you a little longer to get in/out of the car/van find an accessible entrance, etc. But obviously in other situations SCI is much more relevant.

    In my interactions with the health insurance industry, it's quite obvious that one of their main goals is to waste as much of your time as humanly possible in the hopes that they can deny a claim or you will stop pursuing expensive treatment or switch insurance companies all together. However I doubt this is any different than any other expensive chronic disease they don't want on their books.


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      Can we bill them for it?