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Wintertime Blues

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    For most of us in the United States, this coming weekend marks the beginning of daylight saving time (DST). The "spring forward" movement of our clock in spring always puts me in a funk. That hour of lost sleep and having to get up when it is so dark outside, at least for a while, now that we are starting DST earlier than we ever have, March 12. Summer days are long enough. Give me more light in the cool part of the day...morning. We don't really need that extra hour of sunlight later in the day, when temperatures are at their hotest.


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      Winter used to be a lot of fun for that Im getting older, eh....I can do a little less of it. However, this winter has been an extended fall so far. An arctic blast here and there (no snow), and a few chilly days, but the rest? ....Temps in the 40-60's, and sunshine.

      Generally, I really hate it on weekends when it rains during the winter, cuz I will be stuck in the house then. A muddy yard does not make for productive day outside. After getting stuck so many times, and having to push my butt out of the mess, I jus save my strength and stay in the house.

      but this winter has been an outlier...I have spent a ton of time outdoors, and its noticeable in my mood. Not too grumpy, not nearly as tired.