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    how are you all doing down there shelters did u leave ....

    People need to understand another thing that has disappeared from American society and that is the hurricane party. Just like swimming hole have been outlawed for any but the rural, people in this day they will never experience a real hurricane party.

    Many people think hurricane party is what you do leading up to and during the hurricane. Which may be fine and dandy, and I admit to doing it myself, but the real hurricane party happens the next day.

    Living on the barrier islands more than 40 years, I (my parents did) never evacuated. So after the hurricane, there would be no electricity, a1a and the causeway would have no traffic (because the beaches were closed). So you walk around and check out the beach and everybody would then go to the local pub.

    Now after hurricane the bars have no power. So what do they do with their beer? They give it away. They empty their cooler their walk-ins. They give every beer they have a way because they cannot sell it, and can't really refrigerated it.

    You may be drinking a lot of warm beer, but it is great camaraderie, and you have absolutely nothing to do until the power comes on and you can start cleaning up things requiring power tools.

    By the way, if Matthew Had not bounced off Of West Palm Beach 20 more miles offshore, We would've been shredded And this place would be a real disaster close to What happened To Homestead In 92.