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"Natural" ant-depressants?

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    "Natural" ant-depressants?

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to something like Wellbutrin?
    I'm going through a "rough patch" emotionally - looking for a job - (2 year contract is up).
    Wellbutrin helped me 8 years ago. Improved my mood and ambition, but I stopped taking it after a few years
    on doctor's advice.
    Is there any reliable herbal solution?

    I always get panicky when I have to find another gig.
    We're carrying so much debt!


    Anything herbal is going to be of questionable and variable quality and with poor evidence to back up any real effect.

    Did you stop Wellbutrin because you were feeling better or because you had some bad side effects? I would think if it worked for you in the past that would be the first place to start.

    Otherwise SSRIs (prozac/fluoxetine, zoloft/sertraline, etc) and therapy would be the treatments with the most evidence behind them.