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Reasonably priced adaptive clothing

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    Reasonably priced adaptive clothing

    Hello, thought this may interest some of you. IZ Adaptive has a large sale going on (
    Pants and jeans from $30-50 and $10 t shirts and track jackets that are cut shorter in the back

    I've shopped here before and had great luck with 2 pairs of pants from them. I love the quality and how much easier it is not having to pull my pants up all the time like I have to do with normal pants.

    Women's stuff too I just didnt bother to look at that haha

    I've had good luck with IZ Adaptive clothing. In the one case where there was an issue (broken zipper), they were very helpful to resolve.

    I've also purchased clothing from Rollitex in UK. Nailing the euro sizing is a bit of a challenge and with the shipping fees it really only makes sense if you're ordering at least a few items. If you contact them first before ordering, they'll help you with sizing.