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    Originally posted by RollPositive View Post
    Sometimes we are the educators of the world. Which really wont help on your party but call the valet company and educate them ADA requires them to provide services and hand controls dont interfere with valet needs.

    We had that happen to us last Christmas at the mall.

    The valet service apologized and sent us a $200 mall gift car.

    I would also talk to the restaurant general manager as they want to partner with good vendors.

    Dont forget if no resolution take it to social media on both company's to warn others!

    Standing up for our rights, one offender at a time!

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      Another thing about "discrimination" and making complaints, getting it fixed and all the trouble you have to go through to get it done, it is our responsibility to be proactive and help resolve them.

      Someone will have to fight the fight, someday it will need to be done, so the sooner it gets enforced the better for you, and the rest of the population.

      If we just complain about barriers and take no individual action to make sure compliance is enforced then not only are we passing the buck on to the next person, were not taking responsibility for ourselves, our lives and the rest of the population with mobility issues.

      The more aggressively and frequently we fight for compliance, the easier it will be for us to be heard, and the more political bout we will accumulate as a percentage of the population.


        if it's valet park of america it's their policy. as it is illegal for a person who doesn't need them to use the hand controls.
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          The Department of Justice


          That is one issue that never came across the Lorain Advocacy Board for Persons with Disabilities which I served 15 years on. Many complaints about the gas pump law though.

          Check you state's law on valet parking with vehicles with hand controls or call you state's Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If they say the valet cannot refuse you put a complaint in to The Department of Justice. This form is simple and easy AND you will get a reply back.

          I use valet parking at the Cleveland Clinic and I've never hand any problems what so ever. If anything they are extremely helpful.

          "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."


            Does this make any sense to anyone? If you don't at least make a respectful complaint, how can the offense be corrected? How would anyone know that some sort of offense has been made, if they have not been informed? I acknowledge I have a short fuse sometimes, and can be forceful with my language. But if the offender has no idea of what they did or didn't do, how can they really be held to account?

            Now assuming you did register an offense, have you ever returned to this Restaurant, to see if you were serviced/treated just as anyone else? I do not believe the first time was inconvenient and you should complain about it, but a second serving of the same offensive treatment after you registered a complaint would be an offense of the ADA law and then a legal complaint to someone like the DOJ would certainly be in order. Though I think a complaint to the Health Dept would get quicker results. Health Department's directly regulate restaurants. Just my opinion.