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I'm going to be on a Canadian TV series

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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I found all the episodes here:

    I got to watch ONE of them after downloading the extension for firefox suggested earlier in the thread, went to watch the next and same problem arose. I will try later in the am
    when my satellite inTerWeBz allows for 40GB/month vs 10GB/month in normal folks hours lol. Arrrrr! this is not helping my sleep pattern problem, but what can ya d000! Good ta see ya chris after all these years!
    Thanks KLD! Still doing a bang-up job for us corn-fused pHolks...


      You've been geoblocked! It's something Canadians face every day on the internet. You can find a free vpn like Hola unblocker to make you think your computer is in Canada.

      I think The Six means the six boroughs in Toronto but I'm not sure.


        That is the EXACT one I installed to get to view the first one, #2 ??, The next in order was the one with your wife and son, It ceased to function then. I am determined to watch the entire series, I will OOtsmart it s00ner or later, sooner I hope That isn't the screenshot I get, It ACTS like it is going to show but doesn't play...just went and tried again and it started the first episode after I switched my 'country from Canada to another(flag solid red with horizontal white cross) so I will have another go at it tonite. I switched to every country on the extension last nite, closed the browser, rebooted, etc, just couldn't get it to play another.
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          Finally saw the last episode. I wanted more!

          First time I've seen lasagna without tomato sauce! lol

          I hope we get an update on all of you - and hope to see Sandro keep improving!
          Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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            It won't let me watch the videos :-/


              Unfortunately it no longer works for me either.

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                awesome. Very cool!