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    Oh wow. I just saw all the responses. What an understanding community. I am definitely doing the grieving, getting lots of support and planning for my future with good advice. It's such a huge adjustment and living with family until I get my own accessible space is a challenge to my feeling "like myself" but it's good to be with them. I am pained about leaving Hawaii and our dream of a great house with a view of the ocean. I miss the everyday warmth and especially the swimming and snorkeling- my favorite thing to do. But I must say goodbye for now and be grateful for all the good relationships I still do have here.
    Sometime soon I need to write about it on my blog....another step...
    Again, thank you for the encouragement!
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      I am sorry to read you are going through this.

      I would strongly echo Patton57's advice about protecting your rights. Retain the independent legal advice of an experienced divorce lawyer in your state.

      Do not sacrifice fairness and justice for expediency (Ex. Aww. Whatever. Let's just get it over with.)

      Keep positive!


        I'm so sorry to hear this. I understand how difficult it is on a spouse because I see it, especially during pouring storms. It's still not an excuse or a reason to do such things. My heart is with you.


          This is a Brand New opportunity for You. Someone told me a few years ago, "Get Busy living, or Get Busy Dying". Right!!!


            sorry this happened.

            when it happened to me, I found, he did me a giant favor. I had no plans of a future relationship after that, but I would meet mr right once mr ex had absconded.
            that guy was such a whiney bitch. he complained and stomped around all the time, big ol baby when the going got a little rough from just life going on.

            He tried to run off with someone, but she was only interested in married men that had a home that wasn't her home.
            He went and told everyone we knew that he left me because I cheated on him with Mr right. the only one who believed him was his mother.

            it was his car wrecking that got me injured in the first place. I was the one with a job, and to keep it, I rode a bike to work.
            I got hit by a drunk driver.
            stupid me for marrying that guy.

            It took several restraining orders to keep him from stealing my car, and just walking into my apartment, while he was still squatting in our foreclosed house a year and a half later.

            finally, it took a judges order for him to sign the divorce papers. he finally signed them when he was arrested for trespassing. (breaking into our foreclosed house after they threw him out several times)

            I didn't bother to own a car for six years, because he would steal them and wreck them, even if I had a restraining order and he went to jail for it.

            he even tried to steal my tricycle, but someone saw him made him bring it back. he stole my dog. I wouldn't have another dog for ten years.

            eleven years after getting dumped because he didn't want a defective wife,
            ..........shoot, I still feel like throwing a party because im rid of his nonsense.
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