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    Originally posted by JamesMcM View Post
    I know people keep saying that, but reality is you can't hold L2 R2 well utilizing both analogue sticks and pressing the necessary interact, jump, disarm buttons. Plenty of controllers have told me they found a way how to do that, I bought it was lied to again simple logic dictates that even with a Chin stick, sip and puff, accompanied by sensationalist curled hands at best you can utilize four actions on the controller and not exactly simultaneously. No amount of practice will change that. So I'm stuck with racing, strategy, puzzle and a few sports, not my cuppa tea really
    He has more videos on the his channel, check them out
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      Originally posted by Mac85 View Post
      He has more videos on the his channel, check them out
      HmmI can definitely tell he's utilizing at least three buttons at once. Frig I'm so hesitant to do this because I bought the LP everyone he talked it up and it was suchgarbage, then I decided to broaden horizons whatever buttons were better quality but they're far to Space to have quick reactions when you can't feel your handsThe triggers are controlled by sip and puff but it's always the analogue sticks that are the real problem. Fuck it, I might as will try it if it works out the beauty is I have an Xbox one which means I can turn the bitch on my own . I imagine I'll need help setting it up? But you know what when it's done other than my leg bag i'll be able to stay out of peoples hair for a few hours. My only two concerns our events up not working out very well because that gets really frustrated, or people bitch about setting it up for me and or use it against me if they notice I start enjoying it. My mother wouldn't do that, especially committing to it.but others might, that's when people die in my mind
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        Well, I do believe in reincarnation. I hope the next one is better, but if I end up in Africa with ebola, it certainly won't be will it? lol

        I'm glad writing here helps you.
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          Originally posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
          James, it's tough. People understand but that doesn't make it any better. Sometimes it helps to retreat to under the covers and live in a fantasy world for a while.

          This guy understands.

          That was morbidly entertaining, but I don't think they have to worry and terms of spinal cord injury at least every survey I see 90% of people say they rather be dead than paralyzed from the neck down guess what lots of people feel that way get paralyzed And end up sitting in the chair and getting taken care of the rest of their life. I don't know dude I found getting jumped by four people tough, I found working a 12 hour construction job and then heading straight to boxing after tough, I found one someone I grew up with killed three people, talking to his brother was tough. I don't know what i'd call this humiliating, decorating, belittling, infuriating, soul sucking nothing noble that's for sure. My mom's pretty tough though, even though I wish she would kind a learned to appreciate the small things, no different than my little sister do them a lot of good. But it's hard to appreciate things when you think they mean nothing, just standard.


            Originally posted by DaDutchman View Post
            James, you don't know how much we are alike. My circumstances are a little different and I'm at least twice your age, but the mental thoughts are the same. I'm tired of being dependent upon someone to do some of the simplest things. In my case, when I have home health aides here, I can have them do many things for me that my wife won't do or get mad at me for having to do it. Last week I was in so much pain and couldn't get comfortable in bed, so I called the night shift aide up from the basement to get me dressed and put me in my chair. This was 5 am. When the aides are here, fortunately my auto insurance pays for them (a benefit of Michigan's Auto No-Fault Law), they stay in our basement. I finished off the basement during the summer of 2007, a few months before my accident. So the aides are sitting in a very nice place. Have a TV with satellite service. A very large walk-out basement glass door, 8 feet wide. A bathroom and free Wi-Fi. They do a ton of stuff for me. In turn we have given up our privacy for one thing.

            As I mentioned, we may think alike in many ways. However, this a difference and I think it might be significant. I'm older than you so I've been fortunate to experience many things that you may never have the opportunity to. Sorry about that, but that is the brutal truth and unfortunately I think you'll agree with me. That being said, there are many things then that you'll have some twisted benefit of not knowing what you're missing. Consequently, I've experienced many things that I thoroughly enjoyed and now know that I may not get to experience them again. That's where these able-bodied people need to know and understand how precious everyday tasks or events can be taken in a flash. I try to tell my friends, the very few left, not to take everyday moments for granted. When I look and review the backgrounds of those who are quads, a very large number of them were injured at a young age like yourself. Going forward, for many of them it's like being born again in a sick way. Since there are many things they'll never get to experience, and not know what they're missing, they can set their path forward. For someone such as myself, being injured much later in life, the mental battles can be agonizing. Always remembering the things you enjoyed doing and knowing you may never get to do them again just burns you out mentally.

            I've mentioned it before in another thread about how much of an inconvenience I am to my wife and children. When the aides are not here my wife is the one who takes care of me then. This is where her agenda for the day really doesn't have me at the top of her list. Consequently, when I need something she'll do it, but without first giving a deep sigh or rolling her eyes. Can really make you feel loved and wanted. I'm not sure there is an answer for us James. Whether or not you want to believe it, you are much better off than I am. You stand, no pun intended, a better chance of walking than I do. That might be provided you can keep yourself together mentally for another decade or so. You may have the luxury to see which trials are truly successful and which are not. That way you don't have to take part in a trial and hope you don't get the placebo.

            I'm with you James, for better or worse.
            Yeah man, I hear what you're saying you're probably right even though I don't know specifically know what you're talking about probably best I don't Eh. I've seen your post before I can tell that we have some similarities. Truly sorry about your situation then, I don't know shit about marriage it's never been my thing but I know divorce very well and when marriages go bad seen that my entire life ( not to say that yours is ).I can't imagine what a sudden SCI can do to an already existing marriage, different if you enter the relationship with an injury! Thanks for sharing dude even though it's not pleasant, good luck is all I can say.

            But those fucking "sighs" tho,I know exactly what you're talking about little different since your wife, but I'm at my wits and with that kind of shit! Honestly sometimes I think maybe it's best that my time does end and I don't recover because I've had to sit on the lot of very very dark real anger, and I can feel the painful rage it causes inside frankly I am concerned what would happen if I did have my strength again. I actually have pretty damn good self-control but I'm only human ( A human with problems in this category ) and that is starting to become serious
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