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What is happening with my shoulders

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    Originally posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    James, for the seizing up shoulders check where you sit if your home has air conditioning. We have a vent right above the best seat for me at our dining room table so we redecorated. Skip the Botox and try these. Have some one check around the edges after an hour to be sure your skin is OK with the glue. Read and follow the directions about showering and wait times. I get a size that fits where my rhomboids cross the edge of my scapulas. Sort of hit the edges of both. They say 4 hours but I often leave them on all night when I need them. A smaller one works on my mid back right at waist level and the spine. I find they help more than Flexeril and without the side effects. Oh, and no smell unlike the non-capsicum patches. Salon Pas is the best brand from the ones I've tried.
    Thanks I'll look into it, been having good luck with the seizing with massaging. i'm finally getting my right shoulder scanned. Should've done it closer to my accident, this right arm has made a lot of pain but more importantly a lot of functional implications