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Weary of the Stand-Up Desk Trend?

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  • Weary of the Stand-Up Desk Trend?

    Standing up at work isn?t doing you any good

    Bob Collins

    If your workplace is anything like the World Headquarters of NewsCut, you have two kinds and only two kinds of colleagues: Those who stand up at their desks and those who sit down.
    Not surprisingly, perhaps. I?m in the sit-down club because the wisdom of advancing age is knowing that your life, allegedly prolonged by standing, is not prolonged as a thirty-something.
    The stand-up crowd tend to be a lot like soccer fans. It?s not enough that they like soccer, they insist that you have to like soccer too. Stand down, soccer fans. It?s a joke. It?s also like people who listen to public radio working into every conversation that they heard whatever they believe on public radio.
    Like the notion that standing up is good for you, for example. Like those big bouncy balls that everyone was sitting on a few years ago before one or two popped under the strain.
    So today?s news is big news. Standing up doesn?t do you any good, NPR reports.
    ?What we actually found is that most of it is, very much, just fashionable, and not proven good for your health,? says Dr. Jos Verbeek, a health researcher at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
    Verbeek says that the studies he and his co-authors analyzed came to conflicting conclusions about whether sit-stand desks reduce sitting time. Even the best research available wasn?t great, the researchers write in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.
    The studies were either too small to be significant, the scientists say, or were poorly designed. For example, most were not randomized controlled trials, and the longest study followed participants for only six months.
    In fact, there isn?t really any evidence that standing is better than sitting, Verbeek adds. The extra calories you burn from standing over sitting for a day are barely enough to cover a couple of banana chips.
    Standing up isn?t bad for you, most of the experts agree; it?s just not doing anything much for you except alerting your colleagues that you?re more a follower than a leader.
    Fortunately, at the World Headquarters, we also have dedicated rooms for people who need to have a good cry once in awhile. Those are going to come in handy today when this news gets out.

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    That'll come as a great relief to many of us here!


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      OMG it is so annoying. I end up talking to people crotches all day and our company is 90% guys. On the plus size the adjustable desks to make it easy to get the desk the correct height for my wheelchair.


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        Standing is for chumps. Lazy for life. Woot.
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          I have found a much better study relating to the health benefits of standing at work:


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            We all had drafting tables when I started out in the work world. There were drafting stools for chairs, those look like cheap bar stools. It's hard to believe now they treated us that way, but they did and nobody complained. But we did stand up while we worked, that was common. Nobody was on a health kick about it.
            I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.


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              t8 that Onion piece is perfect!

              I have to do a lot of small teaching sessions for our staff on how to use things like Dropbox, Google Apps, etc. I always mine my material from The Onion and enjoy watching who gets it and who just has no clue. This story in particular seems to really create some great faces to amuse me:


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                I hated the standup desks at work - my co-workers would leave them like that and here's 911 blaring and me trying to lower the desk to my level at its snail's pace.
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                  Looking for a decent table that my son could sit at in his wheelchair that wasn't a POS, I bought him an IKEA stand up desk! It's great for him.


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                    LMFAO!! The supposed research that was apparently conflicted about whether standing most of the day is good for you or not, that's interesting. But you know what's not conflicting, without a single shred of a doubt sitting all the time leads to brittle bones and eventually osteoporosis,it will also lead to poor blood circulation throughout the body , long term increases chances of thrombosis! leads to a weak core which can have all kinds of implications for the back, and just overall muscle health including breathing etc. Just my opinion and suggestions but let's not try to justify sitting all the time, as all of us ( over two years post injury, God for bid longer) are prime examples of the serious health problems it causes. But who knows maybe nobody cares about legs so brittle they could snap at any sudden twist or fall at any age, sit enough yes it's true your legs and back could be riddled with osteoporosis/ osteopenia at 20 years old,contractors, scoliosis, terrible joints in the hips and knee, can even move your organs around if you sit long enough, and you know what there's a lot of other stuff that we the sitters have to deal with not necessarily proven that sitting is the main culprit, but I'm willing to bet it contributes. Things such as weakened immune system, bladder problems, prostate health etc don't even get me started about the testicle biopsies of 40 paraplegics after injuries scary! I'm pretty sure none were normal let alone healthy,various abnormalities so fertility could be another thing that's affected ... Yeah not something I would try and condone , Given the choice I would try and never sit again, So let's appreciate and respect the fact that at least able-bodied people are putting their luxurious function to use rather than wasting it in front of us... That would just be shameful!