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    Custom made to order jeans

    I just wanted to share with you folks my experience buying a pair of jeans that were custom made (in India) and reasonably affordable.

    I've been frustrated trying to find a decent pair of jeans (more so because the style of jeans I like went out of style in the early 2000s than the fact that I'm SCI). Being a relatively skinny relatively tall dude who doesn't stand up means no one wants to make pants that fit me properly. The right fit is something like a 31 waist and a 36 inch inseam. And I don't want no goddamn skinny jeans that everybody is wearing these days.

    So about a month ago I ordered a pair of jeans from and I just got them today.

    Basically they allow you to change pretty much all of the dimensions of the jeans, so I got to have the more roomy legs that remind me of the 90s
    but I also had the opportunity to do a couple things that just make it easier for me.

    I started by measuring my favorite pair of jeans and then making a few tweaks when entering the sizes online.

    1st I eliminated the back pocket, not so much because I'm worried about skin issues (it still comes with some stitching across the ass area), but more because what the hell am I gonna use a back pocket for?

    Next I decided to see if I could eliminate some of that crotch bulge that you tend to get with any kind of pants in a seated position.

    I shortened up the crotch area

    and lengthened the backside

    So now it's much more appropriate for seated wear. Sort of like precurved motorcycle jackets. It'd probably look funny standing up, but that's not ever going to be a problem. I didn't know how this was going to turn out, so I only took an inch or two off of the crotch and added another two inches to the rear, but I think I could have gone more extreme and been fine. Next pair I'm going to take another couple inches off the crotch.

    And where else can you find a 36 inch inseam.

    They also let me customize the hip and lower leg widths. And there's boatloads of aesthetic features (washes, buttons, stitching color, etc).

    All in all, I'm quite pleased with the result, and it wasn't outrageously expensive.

    The grand total for one pair of jeans was $72, and $18 of that was shipping and handling ($49 for the jeans $5 for extra long inseam and $18 shipping and handling). I'll probably wear these for a while and make sure they don't spontaneously combust (or disintegrate) and then order a few more pairs. It's almost twice what I'd like to pay for a pair of jeans, but in the end they're as "bespoke" as you can get for a price much lower than a pair of designer jeans.

    I'm too lazy to upload pictures for you right now, maybe tomorrow.