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Medicare Part D late enrollment fee

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  • Medicare Part D late enrollment fee

    I did not sign up for Medicare Part D for about ten years when I had Medicare from SSDI, because I did not know that there would be a late enrollment penalty if I later chose to enroll. I paid out of pocket for medication during that time. Has anyone had success appealing the Part D late enrollment penalty in similar situations?

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    I was told I could appeal but it would do no good so I did not appeal. If I had know the penalty was for life I would have done so. My situation was different I was working and paying my medicare premium and I was really not making enough money and missed paying my premium and it lapsed and I was back on ssdi shortly after. I am being penalized for not having the money to pay my premium and will be for life.


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      If you somehow receive extra help (apply for it through social security) Your penalty is waived.
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        The way I understand it, the penalty only goes till you're 65. Still that's a long time.

        Call or write your Representative or Senator in DC, being an election year you may get some response or a regulation for a closer cut off date. It was very confusing when it first started, and I'm sure there are many in the disability community ( the ones who would have been on Medicare the longest before hitting the 65 ye mark) who would be very glad to get this extra premium penalty reduced.

        One good senator to start with, besides your own, would be Sen Barbara Mikulski (sp) she's not running for re-election this year which frees her up a bit, also she's chairman of the HHS( Health and Human Services) committee in congress.
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