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Just back from hospital, L1 compression, prognosis good :-)

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  • Just back from hospital, L1 compression, prognosis good :-)

    Up since 4am and just back from the hospital and I am on several different drugs but it turns out I am lucky. The doctor says I have a compressed L1. It will stay that way. But I should not have complications. Just need time to heal. Bottle of pills.

    Good part of the day - I finally managed an MRI! I had a panic attack the last time (my first time). This time I kept my eyes close, wore a mask and earplugs and listened to what the technician said about leaving the blankets off so I could feel the fans and get cold. It all worked and I pretended I wasn't really in the machine.

    Hey another good thing, the Icon is a great chair. To explain, my shoulders have been so bad I have been using my SmartDrive with my Icon everyday for months but by the end of the day coming home and making a stop at the pharmacy we were too tired to put the SD on so I pushed manually and I can say that chair runs great, very easy to push and much quieter without a machine attached. I forgot the joy of an Icon. Thanks for making it Jeff. Thanks to Mark too for making the SD, it helps all the time and it helped me in the hospital when I was not on a gurney and getting up the hill to the car.

    So after a hard day I (perhaps the drugs affect this feeling) feel pleased actually. Yes I got hurt and I've got a problem that needs to heal but, I was terrified the doctor was going to tell me something that would keep me down for a year. And I braved the MRI. Glass half-full.

    Of course I was more than half-full when the nurse cathed me, is it supposed to be that painful? Geez that hurt. But later my abilities came back and I voided a liter on my own.

    I don't know if I can get in the shower but I sure could use one. Already took a stool softener with a bottle of water to get ahead of the pain killer stoppage. Perhaps later I shall intake an extra strength Vicodin and see what the evening and most especially the morning will bring.

    Are there children's books, "My Day at the Hospital?" I feel like I just lived one. By the way, ambulances have gotten more modern and the EMTs even younger ;-)

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    When I saw the title of your thread, I immediately wondered if you'd had to have an MRI! Really glad to hear the mental tricks got you through it. I always close my eyes and pretend I'm in Paris having a glass of wine at a bistro (or in a meadow, or anywhere but the hospital). And it works! It's wonderful that your doctor did not have bad news for you.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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      Glad to hear positive things Grommet.

      My son gets an MRI every 6 months...perhaps that's the way to cure your fears?!? They've rigged up a projector system (with the patient wearing a head support with a mirror to see the screen) so that kids can watch a movie while they are being scanned. A very good idea.

      I get to sit outside the machine while he's inside it...I hate to think how noisy it must be inside, as it's not quiet on the outside!
      Gordon, father of son who became t6 paraplegic at the age of 4 in 2007 as a result of surgery to remove a spinal tumour.


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        Typing from bed. Icepacks under me. Took more Vicodin a little while ago which means I probably should not do any online shopping today

        Christ this hurts more than yesterday. At least I am at home. Water near by, remote door opener .. oh god I took it out and forgot to take it to bed. Argh. TV drugs and sleep today if i am lucky. If I am really lucky a trip to the bathroom too. Well, here goes today. Guessing the 10/325 hydrocodone will help. Supposed to do movement exercises every few hours. Will do my best. Now if iI can get myself back up to get the door opener. And I thought I had thought f everything. Better tomorrow and better the day after? I am hoping :-)

        Thank you all :-)