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      Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
      After 32yrs, you'll wish your muscles would move - either naturally or artificially. If I had been offered? I would have taken it.

      I hate to say it, but it looks like the scam they're going in Thailand is more progressive than what's come of these clinical trials (excluding Edgerton because I have no knowledge never having seen a patient of his on youtube).

      You'll need to have access to facebook for this .. but he's on his second round of physio there and can voluntarily lift his legs.

      Remember it takes 2yr olds almost that long to walk ... to learn it all over again? Who knows.
      Thanks for your response. I should have made that less sarcastic. There wasn't an "offer", he was just doing his best to help me out after giving my ASIA results. I think there are only 4 or 5 patients doing this treatment with lots more in line. What's going on in Thailand? Since getting home and researching more on what are the latest "cure" applications are and the complexity of the cord, I'm definitely less optimistic. For my lifetime, at least.

      Read a lot of your posts here over the past month or so. 32 years paralyzed sounds like a very long time. I'm only 36 y/o and sometimes that feels like forever. Much reverence to you for your fight and accomplishments