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Are there any disabled living communities out there?

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    Originally posted by wazabiker View Post
    Google images, shipping container homes. You will be amazed at how these steel structures are used. In Myrtle Beach, SC there is a neighborhood for Veterans with the housing made of shipping containers.
    That would be the way to go. I saw stacked containers made into apartments for college students somewhere in Texas. Very nice.


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      Originally posted by mthomson View Post
      My thoughts exactly!!! Maybe work with a local city government and buy up an impoverished area, rehab all of the homes to accessible standards, and improve the whole area in the process?
      Welcome to Detroit?
      Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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        Hello triumph,

        My wife and I moved into Evergreen Grove in Otter Lake, Michigan in mid-August of 2015. Trust me when I say this - it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Pretty much everything that the owner and his daughter (who happens to be the "Admissions Manager") has turned out to be one lie after another. I wish we had NEVER moved into this place.

        If you'd like to know all of the reasons why, I'll be glad to post each and every one of them here.

        I'll check back later tonight or tomorrow and see if you - or anyone else - responds.



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          Dear ancientgimp,

          We made the mistake of moving in Evergreen Grove back in August of last year. Basically, everything that the owner and his daughter told my wife and I was one big lie after another. They are both fabulous at giving excuses about everything.

          The owner is also the maintenance person and - according to him - none of our concerns are problems for him.

          His daughter was the person that we dealt with for several weeks before moving up here. We asked her NUMEROUS questions. She is the "Admissions Manager" and it has become glaringly apparent that she doesn't know anything about the day-to-day operations of this place. Also, according to the owner - her daddy - this isn't a problem either.

          I guess there is a reason that the place is empty and nobody has moved in here. They had their "Open House" in late June 2015 and we're the only suckers that have moved in here. There is always a problem with the water. The floor in our second bedroom is sinking and it's a tripping hazard - but - as usual - this isn't a problem for the owner.

          Then, the other kicker is that his divorced son lives on the other side of the wall from us. Before we moved in, the owner and the daughter said that he would only be here every other weekend with his three kids. Well, they're here every day in some shape or form...banging on the walls.

          This is also not a problem for the owner.

          Stay tuned. We aren't paying rent this month - our attorney advised us to send him, his wife, his daughter, and his son certified letters demanding that he fix the problems in our unit. If they refuse to sign for them, he said he'll use his process server to deliver the letters to them. He finds it unconscionable at the way they treat disabled people.

          Maybe there's a reason that more than half of the place is vacant?


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            Wow. What a nightmare.
            I still play hard


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              Originally posted by mthomson View Post
              Wow. What a nightmare.
              Yep, it took everything we had to move in here.

              Stay tuned.


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                Do NOT even think about moving to Evergreen Grove in Otter Lake, Michigan

                My wife and I stupidly moved into this place back in mid-August of last year. The owner of the place is also the "maintenance man" and he refuses to fix or even address the smallest of issues.

                NOTE: The major ones like the water quality & floors sinking he ignores.

                We thought that this place would be our final home. It is all on one floor with no stairs and a walk-in/wheel-in shower. There isn't a unit above us - and, for the most part it is quiet...unless you like hearing gun/rifle/shotgun blasts at all hours of the day and night.

                However, during the entire move-in process we never dealt with the owner - we dealt with his daughter. She is considered to be the "Admissions Manager". So, we asked her all kinds of questions - just to make sure that we wouldn't have any surprises after we moved in. Without getting into all of the issues (and there are a lot of them) when we questioned her father about why his daughter was either intentionally misleading prospective tenants - or, simply not knowing what she was talking about...these were his exact words to my wife and I

                "She doesn't know the day-to-day operations of this place."

                WTF is that supposed to mean? Better yet, if she doesn't know the day-to-day operations of the place - why in the hell is she talking to anyone foolishly thinking about moving in here?

                So, were we supposed to ask her (the Admissions Manager) if she knew the "day-to-day" operations of Evergreen Grove? Wouldn't one think that the Admissions Manager would have some clue about what the living conditions are, etc...? Was I supposed to ask to speak with her father on the off chance that she was either lying to us or not knowing what she was talking about?

                In closing, there are only 5 or 6 other units that are occupied out of 12. My wife and I have gone around and gotten a chance to meet 4 of our other disabled neighbors. They all have one thing in common. They all told us to do whatever we could to NEVER have to call the owner/maintenance man about anything. Apparently, we're not the only tenants that he treats like dirt - he treats them the same way...or worse than he treats us. Maybe he gets off on talking to disabled people in such a manner?

                Two of the more utterly idiotic things that ever escaped the lips from the owner of Evergreen Grove were when he said these things:

                "We don't consider you to be tenants - we consider you to be our neighbors".

                "I didn't get into this to be a landlord."

                In closing, do NOT even consider moving into Evergreen Grove in Otter Lake, Michigan. We all know that there are terrible landlords out there. However, when you have one (landlord) for totally and disabled people - and that person/landlord seems to enjoy treating his tenants/neighbors like dirt....well, that's when people need to know about Evergreen Grove.