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    My YouTube Channel!

    I really wasn't sure where to put this sorry, hope this section is okay!
    I started uploading some videos to my YouTube channel recently, I thought some members here may enjoy them / find them useful.
    I am 29 years old and have spinal osteo-arthritis, so whilst I do have a weak core and legs, I do maintain some ability to walk, depending on what kind of day I am having!
    I started using a wheelchair in July this year, much to my family's dismay, but suddenly I was able to start 'living' again. I could go to shopping centres, 'walks' with my partner, it was fabulous! The chair I had was an 'out of the box' aluminium folding frame with a standard memory foam cushion, definitely not meant for full time use, and it didn't take long for it to start falling apart, plus it still limited me a fair amount.
    On the 19th of October, my ultra light rigid frame chair arrived- an ex-demo Progeo Joker Performance. I took it straight to the mall and went for a freedom run! It's only been 4 weeks but it feels like a lifetime ago that I got it- my life has changed so much, for the better! I also have a Jay Ion cushion on it which I (and my butt) absolutely love.
    So having said all that, I appreciate my circumstances vary to all yours somewhat, and I'm sure your skills and knowledge out weigh mine dramatically, I wanted to share my YouTube channel. Happy to take any suggestions for videos you'd like to see!

    A link of videos I have posted so far include:

    Beginner Wheelchair Skills (I had taught myself to do wheelies in my first chair, and go up and over small objects).

    Beginner Wheelchair Skills Pt 2 (In my new chair, basic skills)

    More Wheelchair Fun (taking it further with my skills, including going up steps)

    Ask A Girl In A Wheelchair Anything (my friends and family sent me some questions to answer)

    Basic Wheelchair Skills- Wheelies for Beginners (my how-to video on Wheelies)

    Recovering From A Wheelchair Fall- Pushing Back Up (I was determined to teach myself to do this whilst I was still able)

    Loading and Unloading Rigid Frame Wheelchair from Car (inside and outside camera view)

    Wheelchair + Horse Photoshoot: Blooper Reel (photoshoot with my horse, few of the funnier moments)

    New video! Pros and cons of being in a wheelchair. Enjoy!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


      New video, my first "Wheelchair for a day Challenge!"
      Yup it's not hugely representative as it was only for a few hours in fairly accessible areas, but she found it quite eye opening!


        Latest video, went for a walk at the beach this morning before the heat set in. Forecast today of 39C / 102F! Managed to crack the 5km goal I set for myself much earlier than expected so I'm thrilled. Here's some gopro footage of the walk.


          3 new videos, but only the most recent is wheelchair related so didn't want to spam the forum with un-related stuff!

          Number 1: Recently had an international level horse event here, took a few short clips of the cross country riding:

          Number 2: My visit to the dentist (nearly as boring as it sounds):

          And Number 3: Freshly uploaded, "Shit People Say When You Are In A Wheelchair":


            I haven't posted for a while sorry, have been checking in and posted in a couple of other threads but forgot about this one! So lots of new videos.

            1. Sid at the Beach (taking my horse to the beach)

            2. My "choice" to be in a Wheelchair, AKA Being a Border Gimp

            3. A Shoddy Product review for a LED Light (shoddy review, not product)

            4. "Doing Stuff, When Stuff Has To Be Done" showing how I photograph my store items when in my chair

            5. Driving Sid Solo- first time driving my standardbred in harness.

            6. VicHorse Secret Santa- unwrapping a SS gift

            7. Horse Play- Riding lesson, another beach visit, and more driving in harness

            8. Doing the Dishes in a Wheelchair


              Latest: Basic Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

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                How you are seated in your chair, and therefore your centre of gravity, also affects how efficiently you can push your wheelchair.

                Click through to the video for the links in the description.


                  Originally posted by Segreto View Post
                  And Number 3: Freshly uploaded, "Shit People Say When You Are In A Wheelchair":

                  Good job putting these together. As for this one - it must be universal, I've heard nearly everyone of these comments.


                    Originally posted by tumbleweeds View Post
                    Good job putting these together. As for this one - it must be universal, I've heard nearly everyone of these comments.
                    Thank you for taking the time to comment I definitely appreciate the feedback!
                    And yup I reckon I have almost enough fodder for a part 2 of 'shit people say' as well!!!


                      My Wheelchair- Progeo Joker Evolution