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    I enjoy word games and puzzles. Sorting through my aging and scrambled brain some SCI related thoughts came forth:

    1. Do you know or know of a wheelchair user with the name, "Wheeler"?
    2. Do you know or know of a wheelchair user with the name, "Walker"?
    3. Have you met a woman by the name of "Cathy Terr"?

    I know, I know this is silly, but it keeps me fairly sane.

    Lefty Wright
    You C.A.N.
    Conquer Adversity Now

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    I remember reading in Readers Digest about a guy busted for DUI named Al Cohol...
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
    T3 ASIA A 26 years post injury


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      I located two wheelers with last name of Walker. No Wheelers or Cathy Terr, as yet.
      You C.A.N.
      Conquer Adversity Now


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        Not Cathy Terr, but I had a patient who used to always tease me saying "cath(y) done" when we finished his catheterization.

        I also worked with a Dr. Foley at one time (although not a urologist) and an orthopedist named Forney. He had this as his car license plate: "4knee". We also had two doctors at one time where I worked named Leonard Bernstein and Wayne Newton. Used to love hearing them paged (often one after the other)!

        Had an active duty military patient one time whose name was Briggs, and that is where we discharged him to (the brig).

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          We used to think of these dumb and unfortunate names all day at work. Here are some of them:

          Eileen Wright
          Isabelle Ringing
          Al Dente
          Al K. Seltzer
          Brock Lee (Brock is Old English meaning "badger-like")
          Anna Graham
          Candy Barr
          Dan Druff
          Anne Teak
          April Schauer
          Dwayne Pipe
          Rip Torn (real actor)
          Ben Dover
          Bill Board
          Bill Ding
          Sonny Dey
          Walter Melon (a classic)
          Kitty Katz
          Brighton Erley
          Bud Leight
          Bud Wieser
          Polly Ester
          Rose Peddle (real name)
          Ima Hogg (real name)
          Wick Twist (real name)


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            Kid you not. Somewhere in the jurisdiction I worked as a police dispatcher, we had a Casey A. Putz. Twice I ran that name in 13yrs. Giggle every time I tell that one. Plus the assorted Asian names - hung, pi, wong, etc.
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              Dr. Docktar


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                Refreshing to see that SCI hs not diminished our fertile brains. My list of names is in the 150 range. In my hometown of Tulsa there were a father and son physicians--Safety R. First and Safety R. First Jr., which could be Safety R.First, The Second. Gets kinda confusing.

                Paige Turner
                You C.A.N.
                Conquer Adversity Now


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                  I actually met a woman with one leg whose name was Eliene. I kid you not. almost busted out laughing. I am sure that happens to her a lot, though, so I held it in.
                  chair user since 2009 from a neurological disorder