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fake hardwood floor advice....what do you use

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  • fake hardwood floor advice....what do you use

    What product do you use? getting rid of the carpet in my house how does one not see tire marks? I realize the lighter it is, the better it hides that sort of stuff.....I need advice/help tyia

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    Do you really want "fake hardwood" flooring, as in laminate? How about an engineered hardwood floor? What's commonly called engineered flooring is actually hardwood plywood with a top layer of a real hardwood species like maple, oak, cherry, or exotic. We have 1400 sq ft of the stuff combined with about 600 sq ft of tile. It looks great.

    Laminate flooring can handle a lot of abuse and spills; but when it scratches or chips it's obvious that it's not wood. And it can't be refinished. It also, to me, looks tacky unless you buy the expensive stuff. And that expense puts it right up there with real wood, engineered. That stuff can be refinished, sometimes twice. It has a coating of polyurethane, which, if good quality, is resistant to scuffs and spills (Not quite as good as laminate is wood after all.)

    If you want hardwood you can refinish, make sure you ask. You'll need a top layer thick enough, not the thin veneer stuff. I don't know about the lighter colors hiding marks. Light floors will show dark dirt or marks. Dark floors show dust. Color is really a matter of preference.


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      I would suggest that you consider bamboo flooring. We love it. I redid the floor in what is now Ryan's room (doors to kitchen and living room) 10 years ago. It is impervious to water and stains. When it was installed, I sanded (by hand with a broom handle) and put three layers of poly on it. I is now ready for another light sand and poly layer but it is not critical. Ryan eats, drinks, and spills on that floor daily. It is easy to sweep and mop and has been undamaged by his power chair.

      I am trying to get my husband to install it in my kitchen. The only thing is, it has to be nailed down in order to get the durability-no shifting. I hear it can be done as a floating floor as it is toung and groove but I took the hard route and am glad I did. You can use a power sander but that would create too much dust for me. Ry had asthma diagnosed at 6 months of age and his SCI made it worse.

      I have oak hardwoods in my living room and hallway and they show the marks much more than the bamboo.--eak
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        I have engineered hardwood. It's taken abuse but it also shows. I would highly suggest looking into commercial luxury vinyl planks.

        A buddy of mine just put some in his house and took the time to do it right and it turned out fantastic. The great thing about the planks is that you can easily replace one if you damage it. I was in a hotel this summer that had the hall/bathroom/roll-in shower all with the vinyl planks and it looked just like hardwood but no transition needed to get into shower because it can get wet. I will be going this route in the future.


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          Laminate is difficult to keep clean - the sun shows every imperfection. Worth the money for real hardwood I think but I'll be doing one room at a time as I can afford it.
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            yeah look, if it was me instead of a laminate id go for an actual hardwood floor over your existing either particle board or slab...even lay down some real thin battens to nail to if space allows (like 10mm or less). You'd need to redo all the skirtings but stuff it, it'll be real wood. Laminates shit me because they go and put stupid bloody rubber under em. I like a floor to be wood, hard and dead on flat, laminates to easily allow for minimal floor level discrepancies. you yanks have some nice indigenous timber that'd be awesome, out here our ultimate is redgum...rock hard, deep red and heavy.

            ....under no circumstance get that linoleum shit with basically an image of wood grain embossed on it....some even do it in strips to further push the disgraceful idea that linoleum is wooden flooring...bleeegghh!.
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              My son did stained concrete floors with a low gloss finish. They are beautiful and are very low maintenance.