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weight and transfer

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  • weight and transfer

    was complaining last year transfer so hard it was making me stay home now I have lost a lot of wt don/t know how much but 8 inches in hip 3 in waist 2 in boob a couple in ankles and legs

    transfers are almost a breeze now now watch me go have a bad 1 lol leave awhole new meaning fat butt

    if I did not have this git I would just about be back to size I was before I got hurt

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    Save the boobs


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      Congrats! Good job.

      Weight and mobility are definitely related.

      I need to start working on losing some pounds. Do you mind sharing how you got these results?


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        I monitored every morsel 900 cal aday no cheating for a couple of months as I could not get on scales we measured I wish I had measured ankles and right above the knee too

        every 2 weeks we measure as I have gotten dow the first 3 inches in hips I had a Saturday pig day but keep calories 1200 I got one of those hand cyles and did 500 cal a day too

        I have a slow metabulisim always have I also drink a 8oz muscle shake with only 1 scoop and water its been 6 months but wow what a difference I pigged out yesterday but I hit the cyle 800 calories

        eat less move more


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          Sounds good. Thanks VJ


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            I had the same problem the beginning of the year. I gained 15 lbs and was having all kinds of problems with my transfers. I have since lost them and transfers have improved. My go to is the Atkins diet. It seems to work well for me. Like vjls I track everything I put in my mouth which seems to help greatly with the weight lose. I am emotional eater and it sometimes amazing how much those little nibbles here and there add up.


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              but also its ok to spurge a little one in a while I get my sweet chocolate fix from muscle mix it good for me too taste like a chocolate shake