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Fellow Canadians, have a question for ya.

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  • Fellow Canadians, have a question for ya.

    Chestshire homes, CCAC, VON etc etc will they provide someone with caregiving (basic morning and night bull) for C5 complete even though they had a auto insurance settlement?
    Just trying to settle a debate here?

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    A friend had her auto accident in 1988 ... she receives nursing care from CCAC in the morning (every morning anywhere from 8-12. At night she is put to bed by PSW's via ALSO at 10:00pm (can't remember what that stands for). She is C5-6. For all of these years.

    Cheshire Homes - not sure. Long waiting list though. I was thinking of putting my name in .. for when I'm 60. I'm 42 now.
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      CCAC in Toronto provides me with 14 hours per week, no fee. I divide it into 1 hour, 2x / day, a.m., p.m.
      I don't have insurance, but have sufficient income to supplement this government coverage with private help.
      I would probably qualify for increased time for free, but haven't looked into it yet.
      I've SCI friends that have a mix of assistance, depending on income, insurance, needs.