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How to celebrate the big 6-0???

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  • How to celebrate the big 6-0???

    October 26, the 60th anniversary of my SCI, is rapidly approaching and I am at a loss regarding how to celebrate. Three or four years ago my plan was for my wife and I to take a trip to Kessler where my post-injury life was launched. It is not the homey 40-bed facility I was rehabbed at, and I am sure there are no surviving staff from the mid 1950s. But I could have wandered around and shared a bit of history with the current generation. I had been cared for by Dr. Kessler himself and I could do a sit-down comedy routine about how a couple of teenaged residents tormented the staff. While in the area I thought I might also be able to get together for a beer with Wise and a couple of the SCIs around there. Regrettably my plan crumbled as I began to rapidly fall apart the last couple of years. Neither I or my wife are up to long distance travel anymore. I don't have a plan B. I am sort of depressed about the whole situation. I had 10 Southern Comforts on the Rocks on my 10th anniversary, and I am not up to that sort of thing either. Anybody have any ideas?
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    First, you are hard core for being around this long. A tip of my hat sir!! Would it be possible to organize a video party? Live video chat with a BYO theme?


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      Nice steak dinner and a drink of top shelf bourbon. I always acknowledge the anniversary but don't celebrate it. On the other hand, beating SCI for 60 years is truly a remarkable milestone! Do whatever you like to do and add another year to your count.
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        I agree. Although it is an amazing landmark in your life, I would not strain to celebrate it in such a way that you are exhausted by the celebration and cannot enjoy your accomplishment. How about having an open house at your home (get it catered so you and your wife don't have to do the work) and invite people who have supported you and loved you over the years? Some nice wine and appetizers would be sufficient; the point would be seeing friends and family who love you and are glad you stuck around!!

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          I like SCI Nurse's idea ... plus try to reach out to as many from the time of your injury as possible by having Kessler and any other organization post on their community boards!
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            sky diving, bungi jumping, visit me and eat bbqed what everi have in the freezer, swim with whale sharks, get marryed...


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              My hat's off to you sir. That's quite a milestone! I know what you mean about the traveling, in addition to the challenges of SCI, aging adds even more. My husband and I have found things closer to home that we enjoy. You have been given some great suggestions I want to add going to the most expensive restaurant in town, a bottle of champagne and above all, a limo ride to and from the restaurant. You aren't only acknowledging you SCI anniversary, you are celebrating your longevity on this earth. Whatever you decide to do, you have been blessed.