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So I did some stand-up comedy.......

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    Thanks to you all for the generous comments..!! I am humbled...

    I lost much sleep in the build up, but so glad now that I did it. If anyone is ever tempted I strongly recommend it. My only piece of advice would be to PRACTICE.

    Some people worry that practice will make the routine seem too wooden and rehearsed - not spontaneous. But in reality it is the opposite - you know your material soooo well that you can actually riff off script with confidence. And once you get the first couple of laughs, that confidence just carries you through.....

    Anyway, that is my 2 plans to do it again tho, quit while I'm ahead and all that
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      Makes me proud to be British!

      Bloody well done Mark!


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        Did you get a sitting ovation? I'll watch the video later because i'm at work.
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          Well done! A+
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            That was great. I'm always joking around with people. I had these two middle-aged ladies at the doctors office ready to pee their pants. They said I was hilarious. I can find a dirty pun and almost anything said. My nurse who changes my catheter said I should be a stand up comedian. I just looked at her funny
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              i have been gone a long time but whatever happened to ?? in new jersey who also tried some stand up comedy. his name is on the tip of my tongue, but its stuck there
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                Rick Goldstein
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                  Metro, NoDecafPlz ... Joe ... I think he lives in Ohio now. Not sure if he did it again?
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