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Disabled Superheros?

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  • Disabled Superheros?

    I found myself with some free neural cycles this morning, and I asked many superheros are there that are in wheelchairs? Google helped me generalize the question..."How many superheros have what are considered classical disabilities?" The answer is ...practically ALL of them...

    You don't get super powers from living the power puff life, silver spoon life life of Mitt Romney. Indeed, from Professor X, to Superman, to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"... in general our superheros/super heroines have "walked the gauntlet"... to quote the famous SCI FI Film The Black hole, they have gone "IN!...THOUGH!....and OUT!....into another dimension!" to arrive where they are.

    Why do they have disabilities in the minds of the writers? Well for one is really not their "super powers" but rather it is their vices, their weaknesses that make characters interesting. Who would watch superman with no cryptonite? Who which watch James Bond with no bond women? Who would love The Dragon Tattoo woman, if she wasn't the weakest acting, smartest toughest chick for 1000 miles around? Who would watch House MD if he didn't have a limp and wasn't a total self righteous genius ?

    I have long been wary of the notion that getting hurt somehow "made me better, saved me from evil things, bla bla bla" But you know what? It has transformed many ways...made me who I am today. Would I CHOOSE to have gotten hurt if I had the choice to make over again? NO.... But I don't need their god damn pity...I need respect, and open mindedness from people. After all, maybe I have x-ray vision

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    Sometimes when riding my hand cycle up a big hill with my AB friends, I give it my secret weapon, warp drive. Its really a home made trailer, with a two horse electric motor and battery's, but it feels like a secret weapon to me.
    Maybe that's what we need to be heroes, some really high tech. Maybe some high tech glasses, that when you look at someone they just melt.
    BTW you forgot the mention the blind guy with the cane, the one with no fear, what was his name?
    I used magical tech to writ this, spell check LOL
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old